Lewis Crathern


Cape Town




Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
1. Worthing UK - my hometown. No such thing as a wind season, blows all year round and some of the most intense strong wind conditions I have experienced on earth.
2. Cape Town - my second home. Port Tack riding at it’s best. I love the variety and the way of life out there.
3. Squamish Canada. Beautiful scenery and nature / Such a cool community and the most consistent wind stats I have ever experienced.

Favourite gear set up?

My Favourite set up at this moment has to be the 8m Vegas, wakestyle bar (22m) and Gambler board with 3.5cm fins. I just love the way the kite loops and how responsive it is when the wind picks up.

Favourite music Top 3?

Phil Collins
The Klaxons

Cat or dog?

Cats all day. Independent, smart and never poo in your own garden.

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?

It’s hard to beat a good burger. 

Girls or boys ;-)?
I like girls. 

Water or Champaign?
Champaign for the celebration and water for hydration. 

Car or bike?
How about van, a man’s best friend. I could not live without mine. 

City or beach?
Beach. There is nothing worse then always having a long drive to Kitesurf.  

Pink or black?
Black - Never really get pink with guys. 

Plane or roadtrip?
Roadtrip - 4 days of driving and you can be in another world.

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