Ninja Bichler






Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
Mauritius is by far my favorite Spot. I haven´t kite surfed in so many spots but for wave riding I also like the following ones Barbados and Brazil.

Favourite gear set up?
Neo 7/9 on 5th Element Bar and Kontact 5´11

Favourite music Top 5?
Anouk, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Kaya, Johnny Cash

Cat or dog?
I have two Dogs...they don´t like cats!

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
Vegetables and Fruits are good to keep me in shape and get the energy for my wave sessions...

Girls or boys ;-)?
I love my daughter and my husband so - girls and boys!

Water or Champaign?
Water - my favorite element as well and no headache the next morning.

Car or bike?
Bike is the best but in mauritian traffic I definitely prefer to sit in a car.

City or beach?
Beach of there someone that prefers the city? or maybe a city with a beach - like rio

Pink or black?
Pink - cause it makes me smile

Plane or roadtrip?
Roadtrip - I don´t like planes - all good memories are from roadtrips - on the other handI can´t do without - so first  a short plane trip and then a long roadtrip, that´s the perfect mix. 

What did you ever want to say?
stop talking about it - do it!

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