'Pre-Game Talk' pt.5 #Tom

In pt.5 of Pre-Game Talk we catch up with Tom Herbert, who's trademark New Cal Style, crowd pleasing board offs and all-round trickery will make for one hell of a show. 

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'Just Cruising.' Nina Font

Women who go for it on the water are inspiring, and Nina Font is no exception. A newbie on the up, her latest clip will stir you to get out there.

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.4 #Lasse

In pt 4. of ‘Pre-Game Talk’ we're joined by hotshot Lasse Walker. A major contender for the podium at the King Of The Air, his drive and motivation for success is boss. Expect to see great things!

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.3 #Reno

Joining us in pt.3 of 'Pre-Game Talk' is laid back Brazilian, Reno Romeu. Read how he prepares both mentally and physically for the King Of The Air '17!

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Preparing for King Of The Air Video

Watch as Tom Court catches up with Tom Hebert, Aaron Hadlow and Lasse Walker as they show us how gnarly the event really is.

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.2 #Lewis

In pt 2. of ‘Pre-Game Talk’ we catch up with team rider Lewis Crathern as he prepares both mentally and physically for the Red Bull King Of The Air.

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.1 #Hadlow

Welcome to Pre-Game Talk, a blog series that follows our riders as they prepare both mentally and physically for King Of The Air '17!

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Watch Kitesurf Iron Man.

Watch as Cedric Tassier rides 600km downwind in aid of Kite4Cancer and in association with 'League Against the Cancer.'

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Year Round-Up

Hello and welcome to the 2016 round-up from North Kiteboarding. We hope you all had a fun-filled Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year!

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Nothing beats Young Blood.

We're passionate about our Young Blood concept and so is team rider Julia Castro. Using our unique package specific for kids, she teaches her younger siblings to shred.

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The Countdown Begins!

The countdown begins to the world's most extreme kiteboarding event; The Red Bull King Of The Air. Check it out.

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Follow Aaron, Craig, Colleen, Noe and Stefan to the Magdalen islands, Canada. A slick edit stacked full of some of the most stylish riding, 'Rough' won't fail to impress.

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'Pieces Of New York' Stefan Spiessberger.

Stefan Spiessberger's latest video takes him to the streets of the concrete jungle - NYC - and session in front of the Statue of Liberty.

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The New Evo by designer Ralf Grösel.

Dressed to impress and the perfect blend of Freeride, Freestyle and Wave performance, hear what Ralf Grösel - the man behind the new 2017 Evo - has to say about the most versatile kite in the range.

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Ready for a comeback!

Lasse Walker was set back last year during the Red Bull King Of The Air 2016, but it seems that his recovery has paved the way for a comeback.

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