• Completely new design (6-strut)
  • Thin high-pressure leading edge
  • Less drag & faster
  • Deeper profile with Better low end
  • Thinner quarter & tip struts
  • Less weight

For some time now the Dyno has been at the pinnacle of racing performance, it’s won world championships, but has equally entertained freeriders looking for great light wind performance. The kite has impeccable handling, the profile and strut positions have been tuned over the years to make a kite that is both responsive and exciting to fly. To meet the demanding needs of racers the 2015 Dyno has amazing upwind performance, the best in our entire range. The low end of the Dyno is startling; it delivers smooth power in the lightest of breezes and generates plenty of power. All of our aerodynamic knowledge goes into ensuring the Dyno meets the demanding needs of our pro racers.

If you want to win races and be at the front of the fleet, the Dyno is the kite to take you there, however don’t be put off by its racing pedigree! The kite excels in light winds for freeriding too, delivering big air and lots of fun!

5 23-42 20-35 24
7 19-38 15-30 24
10 13-32 10-22 24-27
13 10-23 8-19 24-27
15 8-18 7-17 24-27
18 7-16 6-15 24-27