Blazej Ozog


Gliwice, Poland




Top favourite kitesurfing spots?

Hel/Poland – Home spot.
Guajiru/Brazil – Perfect conditions.

Favourite gear set up?

Rebel 9m2, Race LTD, 25m lines, 5th line, Bindings ? :)
Its perfect feeling when you ride full speed in strong wind!

Favourite music Top 5?

Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Jamal

Cat or dog?

Dog, I just have one.

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?

Both, Vegetables are healthy and pizza taste awesome

Girls or boys ;-)?

Girls – come on ?

Water or Champaign?

Water, Hi I'm Blazej and I'm sober for...

Car or bike?

Bike, but I'll get my drivers licence soon.

City or beach?

I prefer the beach or then my village as I do not really miss a lot what only a city can offer you. I prefer to be outside with my kids and in the nature rather then in a city that never sleeps!

Pink or black?

Black, pink is gay!

Plane or roadtrip?

Roadtrip, Much more fun!

What did you ever want to say?

I never thought about it.

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