Kirsty Jones


Wales, United Kingdom




Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
Madagascar for its wildness, wildlife and remote, amazing kiting and surf spots
Ireland for its magic, emerald waves, wind, wild beaches, people, rainbows and Guinness! (And I can take my van, dog and all my toys there!)
Morocco and the Western Sahara because it has loads of donkeys and classic kiting and surfing conditions!

Favourite gear set up?
The Evo is my dream kite for travelling and competing and it has never let me down even in the most extreme of conditions. I can rely on its performance in the waves, for freestyle (new school and old school) and even for teaching beginners or friends who want to progress and pull off new moves safely. The only problem is when people try my Evo’s it’s hard to get them back! My preferred set up is on 19m lines, 5th element.
As for directional boards I’m extremely impressed with the 2011 range shaped by Sky.
I use the Whip 5’5 strapless in small, fun size waves. Its fast, snappy and super responsive with a custom surfboard feel to it. Then when the swell and wind gets up I ride the Kontact 5’10 which absolutely rips.
For freestyle – the Soleil 134 has transformed my freestyling and with this board I can enjoy freestyle whatever the conditions. Its so super comfortable that I can stay on the water for twice as long and now have the confidence to try powered moves because I can rely on its smooth landings and its perfectly customised tweaks for us females ;-)

Favourite music Top 5?

Asa - 360
Nneka – Africans
MGMT – Time to pretend
Ben Fernihough – Lightening sings a lullaby
Foo Fighters - Everlong

Cat or dog?
Of course a dog because they are so faithful and they love hanging out on the beach and in the sea!

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
Vegtables because you can do lots of stuff with them!

Girls or boys ;-)?
Girls! We have way more fun and boys are annoying!

Water or Champaign?
Water. Champagne taste like sick

Car or bike?
Van because then you can put the bike in it!

City or beach?
Beach for sure because it’s easy access to the most essential thing in my life…the sea! Cities are polluted and make me Closterphobic!

Pink or black?
Depends which mood

Plane or roadtrip?
Van trip because you can take all your kites, boards, toys, shoes, clothes, dog, bed and not stress about paying for excess baggage!

What did you ever want to say?
‘Its about action not words’
AND… My sponsors North, ION and Animal are awesome!

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