Maxime Nocher






Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
My home spot Fréjus, Sal in Cabo Verde and Playa del Carmen in Mexico

Favourite gear set up?

My Dyno 13m with Ltd 69 raceboard, flat water with 20 knots and 30°, just perfect for training and have fun with my friends.

Favourite music Top5?
1 bought, d.developed
2 look at me know; chris brown
3 give me everything tonight, pit bull
4 more, usher
5 selah sue

Cat or dog?

When you walk on the street with a big dog its better than a little cat!

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?

If you are real sportif you eat vegetables but pizza and burger are very good!

Girls or boys ;-)?
For sure girls!!!!!!!!

Water or Champaign?
Water during competition and after champaign shower!!!!

Car or bike?
With all my race stuff, I prefer a big pick up

City or beach?
I’m most at home on the beach and its more beautiful and nature than a city

Pink or black?
black, because it´s more agressive than pink. dark is for a real boy, pink more for women...

Plane or roadtrip?

I like planes and travel around the world during the competition and meet friends, but I like also to travel around the french country with my dad in camper!

What did you ever want to say?

Who is the boss?


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