#HERROADTRIP pt.3 with Manuela Jungo.

The final leg of #HERROADTRIP in collaboration with 'She's Mercedes,' saw Manuela arrive in Tiree. A tranquil place of crystal waters, white-sand beaches and some of the purest, crisp air to exist in the world, not to mention world class riding conditions.

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Alaskan Adventures Pt.1 - Gianni Aragno

Gianni Aragno has shunned popular Kiteboarding hubs such as Brazil, for Alaska! His mission was to experience 'the great outdoors' in its purest form.

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Reno rides 600km of untouched Brazilian coastline.

How often does one wake up and think 'right today i'm going to Kite 600km'? Team Rider Reno Romeu has just completed a 600km downwinder over the course of 6 days!

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Evo 2016 - an inside view with Ralf Grösel

5 struts, 4 line bar, an ultramodern Delta design, bombproof stability and highly versatile. Here is the most reliable all-round Kite you've ever flown!

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A huge congratulations to Olly Bridge for his outstanding performance in Abu Dhabi which saw him winning the ISAF Grand Final for the second year in a row!

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Noè Font joins our Team.

A big congratulations to Noè Font who is the latest member to join the North Kiteboarding International Team.

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#HERROADTRIP pt.2 with Manuela Jungo.

Manuela heads to the UK where she meets up with North Kiteboarding Team Mate and Freeride Project member Tom Court, on his home island of the Isle of Wight.

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Freestyle Team create a buzz at Kite Cabana, Brazil.

What happens when our Freestyle Team are all together in Brazil? They organise a day where riders, Kiteboarding enthusiasts and local media stations gather for an action packed time.

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Charging Jaws - Patri McLaughlin

“ I don't feel like i'm pushing the boundaries of wave riding until the swell gets above 15ft.” A classic statement from Team rider Patri McLaughlin, who just the other day was charging the prestigious Jaws, on the North Shore of Maui.

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