Angela Peral


Valencia, Spain




Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
Top 1 Tarifa because we have waves, flat, all type of wind and it is the most amazing place of the world
2 Peru because I found the longest wave I have ever seen and the people are super nice
3 Hawaii because of big waves

Favourite gear set up?
I love my Vegas for freestyle, my favourite is the 7m and the Evo for waves, here I prefer the 5m. I really like to kite with small kites, 5 lines and 20m lines. The board for freestyle is the Soleil 1,28 and for surf of course the WAM 5,8 !

Favourite music Top 5?
hehehehe I love flamenquito!! Niña pastori, los rebujitos, el canelita, camaron, santo gold

Cat or dog?
Dog, because I can hug him tronger and play harder and longer!

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
I like vegetables a lot but also the Pizza can be super nice and more when you are travelling in strange places. So probably a vegetarian Pizza?

Girls or boys ;-)?
Boys of course. I love the boys first because you can tell your things and go to kite longer, then because they can be the best friends and 3 because I can live with out them :P

Water or Champaign?
Heheh depends on the moment

Car or bike?
I like a bike because you can meet more people and you can stop all the time you want for a talk with someone in the middle of the street without being stressed by cars. Spanish style I think…

City or beach?
Beach because I can not live without it, may be 3 days out of the water and then I start to be aggressive…

Pink or black?
Pink, I'm a happy girl!

Plane or roadtrip?
Plane, I like to travel fast and have more time at the spot.

What did you ever want to say?
Live your dream

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