Dirk Hanel


Cologne, Germany




Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
Mauritius as it is so versatile and you have top flat water in between the reefs and in the lagoon and at the same time if good swells hit the island you have One eye and Manawa and all the other waves which are so much fun!
Maledives as the water is so crystal clear and while you are riding you can see the manta rays flying underneath you and with a plexiride board you can even sea the little fish on the reefs. With good swells there a wavespots in close distance and it is just such a great and relaxing place with warm water and friendly people!
Namibia as I love the country and even thought the water is quite cold, it is the whole surrounding there. No matter where you go for riding it is always really unique! The nature there is really unreal and so great! You have the most perfect speed runs there, as well as great waves!

Favourite gear set up?
Fuse with the Freerace board, normal bar length and 25 m lines in either 4 or five lines with straps! As you can cruise around and go upwind really good at the same time you can catch maximum speed on downwind runs and then boost the highest and longest airs ever! When you have the chance to escape into some waves that board and the kite combination also works great in the waves for some smooth turns and carves! All in all a good day out on the water no matter in flat water or waves!

Cat or dog?
Chickens because I am also a chicken farmer and breed them, and then dogs because I have a Russian sledge dog at home. Finally cats because they eat the mice on my chicken ranch.

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
For sure vegetables as I only eat burgers and pizza when I am travelling, for the rest I prefer a good meal with fresh vegetables. I grow quite a view every year in my own garden.

Girls or boys ;-)?
Girls and boys as I have a small daughter Malia which is usually a princess but also can be a monster and also her big brother Milo who is the best brother in the world, usually, but can also beat her here and then! I guess once they have grown up I rather prefer girls then boys!

Water or Champaign?
As I do not like Champaign at all, I guess water! But I would for sure drink something else as well!

Car or bike?
I like to use my bike to go for rides in the woods and just train a bit nevertheless without my car I would be lost as I do about 40000 to 50000 km per year!

City or beach?
I prefer the beach or then my village as I do not really miss a lot what only a city can offer you. I prefer to be outside with my kids and in the nature rather then in a city that never sleeps!

Pink or black?
Pink as it is more colourful and I am for sure the person that prefers colours rather then black! Everybody that knows me, knows that!

Plane or roadtrip?
Roadtrip as you can see way more from the nature and of the country that you are travelling to. I just got back from a roadtrip through Argentina which was really great and I had 24 hours time to meet really cool people on my bus trips!

What did you ever want to say?
It is better to regret something that you have done then to regret that you have not tried it!

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