Mario Rodwald


Rendsburg / Germany




Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
My favorite kite spots are Woddies / Australia, Fehmarn / Germany and Tarifa.
In Woddies you just have the perfect temperature while it´s snowing in Europe. The wind kicks in every day for 9 meter and the level is really high because of all the pros training there.
Germany means riding with my friends back home and Tarifa is one of my favourite spots because we can go with the whole family. All the kitegear in the camper and waking up on the beach with a breakfast table cooked by mum...

Favourite gear set up?
I love riding on the Select 135 with straps because the outline is really good the choppy water conditions we have in most of the competitions.
My bar is cut down to 49 cm (normal one is 55 cm) and my lines have 22 meter (normally 20 or 25). A shorter bar works well for all the handlepass tricks and my line lengths makes the kite more direct.
When I come to a wave spot I ride the Wam 5`8" and 20 meter lines.

Favourite music Top 5?
Bloc Party - perfect for the car...especially on the Autobahn.
Acoustic things by Yellowcard - really relaxing
Frittenbude - German electro really motivates me for a good session
ACDC - sometimes I like to go retro
All the hot other sick electro beats for partying!

Cat or dog?
Since I was a little child I always wanted a dog, they still drive me nuts if
I see one.
Dogs who really want to learn something like German Shepherds or Border Collies
fascinate me!

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
Organic vegetables and steak! Healthy food just taste better and helps you
to stay fit. The bad thing about travelling is that it is super difficult to find
fresh and good meals.

Girls or boys ;-)?
On a kite trip it´s really nice to travel with some friends who also push you a lot on the water. But some hot girls in bikini also help nailing the trick...

Water or Champaign?
Champaign and also wine is something I really don´t like... haha maybe I am too young.
Most of the time I am drinking water but sometimes I don´t mind a real draught beer.

Ice cream or chocolate?
In Germany it´s really difficult to buy good fruits but so here I also eat some chocolate.
But in tropical countries like Brazil I eat fruits every day ... even in a Burger!

Car or bike?
Fast cars are really cool and my Seat really can give me some adrenaline. But a in a cool landscape and some tunes in ears I prefer a bike.

City or beach?
At home I prefer the city with all my friends which I really miss often while travelling. A one hour drive for a session is really if I can come home afterwards.
Anyhow for a proper training it´s nicer to live on the beach where you can leave you kites inflated, like Mauritius.

Pink or black?
Definitely black. I already told you that there is a little bit of ACDC in my brain.

Plane or roadtrip?
Roadtrips are so the best. Just don´t think about the cruel lady at the check and pack everything you might radio controlled planes and my 6´2" Fanatic Surfboard for example. When my family and some other friends come with me it will be sick for sure...
Nevertheless you need a plane to reach all the awesome spots in the world.

What did you ever want to say?
Imagine you live without your goals.
It is senseless.
But let´s not be poetic here, just go out there, party hard, ride even more and
do not forget to dream in between.

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