NKB / Pico Pix Team crowned champions

North Kiteboarding and Pico Pix Team riders Stefan Spiessberger, Barbara Stechauner and Reno Romeu won the title at the Kiteboarding Team event at the Surfworldcup in Podersdorf.

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Hadlow & Garat successful at the Mondial du Vent!

The X'Trem Air allows athletes show the best of themselves. From physical talent, through to creativity their goal is to go up, and stay up as long as possible.

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Getting a ORTEMA Knee Brace made

I have been riding with a knee brace now for over two years to prevent further injuries and put my mind at rest when I am taking those hard landings.

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Every kiteboarder remembers the time when they first experienced KITEBOARDING...

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Post a review for the Neo

Post a review and get the chance to win a new Neo

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Post a review for the Vegas

Post a review and get the chance to win a new Vegas.

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Tom Court Kite Hacks - FBC KOS 17.09. - 22.09.2015

It’s time for you to move to the next level! As well as being part of a group and learning from each other, you will also work with Tom individually over the course of the camp.

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Jumping Over Happy Island

Kitesurfing Movie by Jeremie Tronet

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Testing is where the magic happens

At North Kiteboarding, we have an array of specialists that make up a Team responsible for the creation and evolution of our innovative and high quality products.

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Hadlow takes the 2015 Red Bull King Of The Air Title

Red Bull King Of The Air 2015, is one of the most exhilarating kiteboarding events on the calendar. And we're proud to announce that Team Rider Aaron Hadlow took to the podium and claimed the throne!

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Tom's kitchen Episode 3 out now

Even higher, more spins, more variations of barefoot tricks. What´s your maximum of rotations!?

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Welcome to the team Manuela Jungo!

We're excited to introduce you to Swiss rider Manuela Jungo. Adventurista, and regular fixture on the PKRA Tour, she is our latest edition to the North Kiteboarding International Team of influential riders and sophisticated women.

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Aaron Hadlow - InFORM

If the high heels were just a little too much, or perhaps not enough yesterday, why not take a couple of minutes out of your day to watch the master at work!

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Christmas And New Year Round Up

Baby it's cold outside and my how quickly the end of another year has come around. Before you get fully settled into festive cheer and Christmas carols, we thought we would share some of our 2014 highlights with you!

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Team Bridge take Red Bull L2L race

Steph and Olly Bridge headed to western Australia for the Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton Race.

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Get involved and help us to make our kites even more better

Post a review to enter the draw to win a brand new Rebel 8!

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Olly Bridge dominates Asian Race Continental Championships in Qatar

For the first time ever, Kite Racing went to the Gulf where the hosting nation of Qatar put on a great show for the 5 day event!

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2015 Product Book now online

Check out the new online product book with all the 2015 amazing products!

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Evo 2015 out now

The Evo was the standout kite for 2014 for many people, magazines rated it as one of the best all round freeride kites on the market. Whilst Tom Hebert used the Evo at the Red Bull King of the Air and boosted the biggest jump of the entire competition!

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Quality, made in Austria

Did you ever wonder where in the world we brought our innovation to life? Well if you did, the answer is Austria!

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Where there's a wave, there's a way! NEO 2015 out now!

Last year the NEO was redeveloped as a pure wave-riding kite, focusing on the qualities that riders demand in waves. The kite not only impressed the riders, but also won several magazine tests in its class.

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Who are Echovolt?

Recently I travelled to Tarifa with North Kiteboarding Team Rider Tom Court, to document the launch of the new 2015 Vegas from North Kiteboarding. WET Watersports threw The party of the summer, premiered the US trip video and invited a local Spanish rock band, Echovolt to play the night away.

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Can't stop won't stop!!

Check out the brand new episode from North Kiteboarding! Can't stop the pop, won't stop the riding.

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Olly Bridge crowned king at the Formula Kite European Championships

Mielno, is a large coastal village in north western Poland. A well known tourist destination with sandy beaches, it lies on a spit between the Baltic Sea and the large Jamno lake.

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Stoked to scoop the AWSI 2014 Brand of the Year Award at the Surf Expo!

The Surf Expo is one of the biggest trade shows in the world with around 26,000 people attending the event. Hosted in Orlando Florida,

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