Kick & Slide. Turkey.

Dutch national rider Alex Maes talks us through the latest kite park event, the Kick & Slide, hosted in Turkey.

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That's a wrap! Without A Jersey

Rounding up his 'Without a Jersey' video series, we speak to Stefan to hear about the different locations, filming process and gear he used.

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Success all round at the Youth European Championships.

Holland plays host to many reputable kiteboarding events throughout the year, and the KBO was no exception.

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Freeride Project 3. Tom Court

In a world where short 2-4min clips that deliver instant gratification for short attention spans are the norm, Tom Court releases the feature length Freeride Project 3. Read what he has to say.

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North Kiteboarding Young Blood!

For summer 2016 North Kiteboarding resumes its „Young Blood“ program, which was first introduced in 2006.

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A first time for everything.

Manuela Jungo tells us about her first time experience of the Ragnarok, Norway; the gear and products she used, and the lifestyle up in the mountains.

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'Welcome To The Other Side'

Noe Font and Jerome Cloetens are two of our young and influential Team Riders who use Kiteboarding to see different places. Following the release of their latest video 'Welcome to the other side' they speak about what inspired them and this project.

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Rolling in Paradise

Epic riding, turquoise waters ... we're excited to finally share 'Rolling in Paradise'

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North Kiteboarding success at Red Bull Ragnarok

Team Riders Manuela Jungo, Steph Bridge and Guy Bridge were part of 350 kiters from over 30 countries competing in the legendary Red Bull Ragnarok.

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'Without A Jersey' Cape Town

Last month, Stefan Spiessberger released the Cape Town episode to his 'Without A Jersey' video series. A stylish edit with great riding, we fired him a couple of questions about what keeps him going back to Cape Town.

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'Take me to the Philippines.' Paula Novotna

Paula Novotna showcases the progression and empowerment of women in kiteboarding through her latest video 'Take me to the Philippines.' We caught up with her to find out more.

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'Habitual' Craig Cunningham

"I spend much of the year park riding, so it's great to get back into load-and-pop tricks, dial in some new moves and put a few new tweaks on some of the tricks I already do."

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New Juice takes park riders to the top.

“The Juice is my personal cable park, I’m the operator and the power is always on! - Craig Cunningham.

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'Regenerated.' Noe Font

"Regenerated' is based around the idea of my new beginning together with North Kiteboarding, and inspired by the quote 'the end is the beginning of all great things.'

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Road to Recovery - Lasse and Lewis

You're into kiteboarding and weren't lucky enough to watch the Red Bull King Of The Air from the venue itself, then you would have most likely tuned into the Live Stream for the most extreme event on the calendar.

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