King Of The Air 2016 gets the green light.

North Kiteboarding team riders get off to an explosive start at the Red Bull King Of The Air 2016

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Mono - An inside view with Ken Winner

Flying a kite has never been so easy. Only one strut, brilliant low end and super easy to steer - that's the Mono. Find out together with Ken Winner what else the Mono has to offer!

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World Record Smashed In Cape Town!

North Team Riders partake in The Kitesurfing Armada in Cape Town, setting a new World Record!

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Welcome to the team Lewis Crathern

Lewis is one of the most committed kiteboarders there is, playing a fundamental part in the growth of the sport both in the UK and International scene

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Ines Correia charges Ponta Preta.

Read what IƱes has to say about charging the fast, barrelling waves of Ponta Preta where she spends much of the winter season training.

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North Kiteboarding Welcomes Kristin Boese to the family

North Kiteboarding is pleased to welcome long-time female kiteboarding icon Kristin Boese to the international team.

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1st Kite Park in Asia hosts rail event

The first dedicated kite park in Asia hosts the Blue Kiteboarding Open on the island of Palawan.

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'That time of year.' - by Tom Court

Find out what Tom Court has to say about his latest video 'That time of year,' where he, Aaron Hadlow, Jerome Cloetens & Noe Font get together to ride in Brazil.

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Craig and Colleen hit CWC

We recently caught up with Craig & Colleen whilst they were training and playing hard at the CWC Cable Park in the Philippines.

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The magical island of Rodrigues.

Tom Herbet and Reno Romeu take a trip to the blissfully isolated island of Rodrigues to shoot the new 2016 Evo product clip, and discover a new spot.

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Hadlow reigns supreme!

Aaron Hadlow takes 2015 Overall Men's World Champion title, demonstrating why he is such an established and well respected rider. Congratulations!

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Without A Jersey- Barra Nova

We caught up with Stefan to find out what went into the making of 'Without a Jersey - Barra Nova,' his new found passion for freeriding and the key to saving your knees.

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Manuela explores Peru.

For some, Peru may be known as the bubbling core of South American culture and traditions. For others it represents an endless coastline of pulsing swells with constant winds & Manuela was there to see it in all its glory!

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5 team riders make the cut for 2016 King Of The Air!

Congratulations to Aaron Hadlow, Reno Romeu, Tom Hebert, Antoine Clerc and Lasse Walker for making it into the Red Bull King Of The Air 2016!

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'Weekend Wanderlust' up for Best Video 2015 award.

We caught up with Tom Court to hear about the creation of the video, his passion for filming, what motivates him & the gear he uses to capture all the action.

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