Iron Heart



The Iron Heart from North Kiteboarding has long been the benchmark for all safety systems and we are continuously aiming to further improve this essential piece of safety equipment. It is renowned for a fast, safe and easy release, coupled with the ability to quickly reassemble the unit and continue flying.

The Chicken Loop and Chicken Dick have been refined for 2014, the moulded construction, is softer to offer more comfort and easy reassembling. This new construction is warp resistant and dimensionally stable. This makes it very easy to hook back in after unhooked tricks, as the loop stays in shape.

With every 2014 North Kiteboarding Bar, there is a choice between the standard safety mode and an easy to mount ‘SUICIDE’ MODE. Only very experienced riders with special requirements should use the suicide mode.

Only the standard safety mode offers 100% safety. We recommend to always use the standard safety mode. Riders who use the suicide mode should be aware and responsible for the possible consequences!

The heart of the Iron Heart IV is the reverse release pin and one of the keys of the intelligent release mechanism. Unlike other safety systems, it hinges to the inside to protect your hands. The incredibly low release forces are a direct result of the reverse release pin.

The Roto Head permits you to untangle the lines after a rotational jump or a kiteloop while you are riding. The new Roto Head utilises a plastic construction, the plastic is extremely durable and there is no corrosion possible. The new Roto Head comes with two grub screws making it easy and fast to change the depower line. Simply use an FCS fin key to remove the screws and change the depower line.



Vario Cleat and sliding stopper
We have completely redesigned the Vario Cleat last year to make it even more effective and efficient. We have introduced a 5th line channel for the 5th line to run through, this reduces the risk of the 5th line getting tangled considerably. You can easily adjust the height of the Vario Cleat too, plus we have reduced it’s size to increase the depower area. The sliding stopper can be adjusted to suit personal preferences. Combined with the smaller Vario Cleat this accounts for 12% more depower area!

The Safety Leash has been completely redesigned to offer more floatation, guaranteed protection and ease of handling. The moulded EVA construction covering the hook is softer and prevents lines from tangling; the hook itself can still be bent in two directions. The EVA cover can be pulled back for easy hooking in and out to the suicide ring at the chicken loop. Of course the end of the leash still offers a safety release where it is attached to the harness. Consequently you are still able to release the kite completely at any time.