• Medium soft density liner for both flexibility and support
  • Built in J-bars improve heel hold
  • Articulating cuff – boot flexes with rider
  • Low friction eyelets
  • New double X lacing

For the extreme needs and expectations of wakestylers, again a special boot was built to fulfil these wishes – the Banana Boot. Because of the experience of the Frank Boot, a lot of things in the construction of the Banana Boot have been changed and refined. The material at especially stressed points has been reinforced, the inside of the boot shows a triple sew to ensure the material is not delaminating. A medium soft density liner offers both, flexibility and support. Built in J-bars improve the heel hold significantly. An articulating cuff allows the boot to flex with the rider without boot distortion. A brand new double X lacing improves wear resistance and tensile strength. This Banana Boot is a boot that helps you to step up your riding to the next level!

US 6–7 8–9 10 11 12 13 – 14
UK 5–6 7–8 9 10 11 12 – 13
EUROPE 38–39 41–42 43 45 46 47–48
JAPAN 24–25 26–27 28 29 30 31–32