• Volume: 90 l
  • Finbox: Tuttle Box
  • Fits IKA box rule!
  • Board comes without fins!!!

The 2013 Race Limited 69 is made utilising a full carbon sandwich construction with an automatic pressure release valve. This means you can spend more time riding and less time worrying about your board, no matter where you take it! We have also changed the dimensions of the board slightly compared to the 2012 model; it is now 190 cm long and 69.9 cm wide, pushing the IKA box rule to the absolute limit. We also increased the volume to 90 litres; this makes the board perform even better in light winds.

We didn’t just make these changes for the sake of it though; we have redesigned the shape for 2013 to create a more competitive board in every aspect. One of the first things we wanted to do was improve the quality of the ride, making the board handling superior in rough and choppy conditions. By changing the shape of the tail and the hull we have made it easier to ride and more comfortable at high speeds. In addition to this we have also improved its performance upwind with tweaks to the rail shape and rocker line.

The Race LTD 69 is built and registered to the IKA Box Rule and legal to race. The board is delivered without fins.

Fin recommendation:

The board works best with two 3 degree canted 42 cm race fins in the front and 1 straight 40 cm race fin in the back.

If you want to win races, medals and glory, the Race LTD 69 is the board you need under your feet, accept no substitutes…