• Easiest board in the range to ride
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great upwind performance
  • Super forgiving

The Gonzales is a board that will make you look good, pure and simple. Whether you are just starting out, or getting to grips with your first jumps, the Gonzales offers a predictable smooth and forgiving ride. There are 5 sizes in the range to suit every riders needs. The wide outline offers a stable platform for progression, whatever your level. The Gonzales uses a softer flex pattern to ensure it eats up the chop and also gives a comfortable ride no matter what the conditions are like. This board also flies upwind, helping you to learn that all-important technique quickly and easily! Grab a ride on the Gonzales and discover just how simple kitesurfing can be!

130 38 50-65 S-BEND FR 4.9
134 40 60-75 S-BEND FR 4.9
138 41.5 70–85 S-BEND FR 5.3
142 42 >75 S-BEND FR 5.3
151 42 >75 S-BEND FR 5.3