• Exclusively designed for girls by girls
  • Perfect control
  • Smooth ride
  • Specific flex and outline for girls

The Soleil utilises a completely new construction and design for this year. The board echoes the trend among riders looking for boards with more length. The longer length offers more rocker, making the board more comfortable through chop yet still offering early planing. The Soleil is very responsive with a smooth flex characteristic that has been developed especially for girls. It has plenty of grip and rides upwind fantastically and carves from rail to rail really well. There are a growing number of girls getting into kitesurfing and the Soleil offers them the perfect freeride machine. It was one of the first boards for girls on the market and something that North Kiteboarding has been championing for some time. It comes with the NTT footstrap and pad system in a small/medium size for girls with smaller feet. Don’t ride a board designed for men, ride the Soleil and enjoy a board designed by girls for girls …

128 37 <60 S-BEND FS 4.6
132 38 55–70 S-BEND FS 4.6
136 39 65–80 S-BEND FS 4.6