• Wake bottom concept
  • Fibre & Carbon beam top construction for better durability
  • Titanal The Track reinforcements
  • New construction

The Team Series is the ultimate board for freestyle competition; riders like Reno Romeu, Mario Rodwald and Stefan Spiessberger use it with devastating effect on the PKRA World Tour. The board is stiff in order to offer amazing pop; the torsional stiffness has also been tweaked to increase control and response. The Wake bottom concept not only offers excellent grip, it also helps to break the surface tension of the water making landings smooth. Even without finds there is plenty of grip. By using our Flex Carbon construction the board is exceedingly light, this reduces the swing weight effect while you are pulling your tricks, offering even more control in the air. The Team Series is the best tool for demanding freestyle riders looking for amazing performance.




Hadlow Edition
Based on the Team Series the new Hadlow Edition is ideal for those seeking the ultimate performance out of a board, tested to the max by Aaron Hadlow. Its aggressive channels and 3D design across the underside of the board gives you the grip you need for Wakestyle and rail riding, whilst the intricate flex pattern and balanced rocker line give you the speed and pop and that is suited and specced for the world’s best competitors.

Compared to the Team Series the Hadlow Edition is slightly wider and shorter for its size, this gives it a slightly rounder outline that is more suited for riding with boots and allows for a comfortable ride. With carbon we have managed to create a stiff flex pattern that produces an aggressive, snappy pop. We focused on making the centre between the boots more rigid, reducing torsion flex, this gives you more control in releasing the edge at the perfect moment. All this combined with an intermediate rocker line, gives performance that is comfortable even in the choppiest condition. If you want the absolute ultimate board for competition level freestyle, the Hadlow Edition is it!

132 39 40–60 S-BEND FS 4.4
135 40 55–70 S-BEND FS 4.4
138 41 65–85 S-BEND FS 4.4
141 42 >80 S-BEND FS 4.4