Racing is all about handling and performance in light winds, the Dyno embodies that perfectly! This year we have gone a step further, stripping the kite down to just the essentials to deliver the most efficient kite on the market today.

Struts and Segmentation:

The most visual change is the move from 7 struts to just 5; this increases the flexibility of the kite and further reduces the weight. The tip strut is now closer to the wingtip to help support the thin leading edge; it also provides stability during hard turns. With just 5 struts the kite is more flexible and will dynamically twist when you initiate the turn, allowing it to turn faster and harder and generate more power. When riding fast downwind you’ll appreciate this improved agility and power stroke in the kite, giving you the edge over the competition. We have also increased the number of segments in the canopy, this allows us to have far greater control over the profile of the kite and get the exact shape we desire in order to give the Dyno optimum performance.

New bridle system:
We have removed all the pulleys from the bridle; this reduces the weight, but more importantly the drag, increasing the kites speed through the air. This does mean the new Dyno has to be flown on the 5th Element bar system to guarantee 100% safety.The new Dyno, especially in the larger sizes, 13, 15 and 17, has significantly more power compared to the previous model. The deeper draft profile and large span between the quarter and centre struts increases the efficiency and power delivery considerably. We found in testing that this area of the kite doesn’t need to be controlled by the struts and in fact works better when it is free to luff and fill as the rider powers and depowers the kite. We have also improved the relaunch of the kite, the flexible nature allows it to twist onto its wingtip far quicker than last years model.

Whilst we design the Dyno with racing in mind, all of these characteristics we build into the DNA of the kite make it perfect for freeriding too. The lighter weight, deeper profiles and new geometry allow it to get going really early and boost huge floaty airs. It is just as happy above a twin tip as it is a race board.The new Dyno is simply the best kite for light winds, and in the right hands the fastest kite round the racecourse. Give yourself the competitive advantage, and get racing on the new Dyno, lighter, faster and more powerful! We’ve given you the tools; the results are up to you.

7 20-40 5.2 5.2
9 17-35 5.2 6.7
11 13-30 5.2 8.2
13 10-24 5.2 9.7
15 7-19 5.2 11.4
17 5-15 5.2 13.0