Tech & Features



These connectors prevent one cause of kite accidents by ensuring that front lines cannot be attached to the back of the kite and back lines cannot be attached to the front.

Invented by north

In order to make the relaunch easier and to avoid any possible line tangling, we've added Relaunch Bungees at the kite tip. The bungees keep the lines lying slick against the inside of the leading edge, preventing any line from going over the top of the kite during the relaunch.

Invented by north



These loops attached to the inside of the wingtips make it easier to hold the kite for bodydrag rescue.

The loaded 5th line is a “nose line” with constant tension. It is responsible for reactive steering, powered as well as depowered and a crisp and direct bar feel. Only the 5th line system can guarantee 100% depower in less than one second when releasing the IRON HEART !

Invented by north



Our revolutionary and patent-pending Cam Battens are made of flexible nylon and improve the stability of the canopy and reduce the drag of the kite. The Cam Battens allow to achieve a deeper profile and make the kites more powerful. The deeper canopy combined with a round entry profile gives better stall resistance, which yields not only better low end power but also better hang-time. Cam Battens also give the kite much better upwind abilities and very good stability in the sky.

Invented by north

One valve for inflating, one valve for deflating the whole kite.
Easy and efficient.

Invented by north


TE force control

Since 2012, Rebel, Evo, Neo and Fuse will feature the new “Adaptive Tip”. In recent years, there has been a trend leaning towards more reactive kites with even lighter sheeting forces than in the past. Such kites are really comfortable, lively for wave riding and offer more forgiving kite loops because they pivot around the wingtip. However, comparison tests have shown that our team riders and testers actually prefer kites with a harder bar feel because they offer better feedback, precise steering and more dynamic turning, which in turn creates more power.
The new “Adaptive Tip” allows users to easily change the sheeting force and turning performance through a simple back pigtail adjustment, allowing you to customize your kite to your desired style and feel.

Invented by north

The Trailing Edge Force Control describes the smooth power distribution between the different materials of the kite, forcing the tensions in the
right directions.
Compared to 2013 the waves are higher and wider to eliminate stress points between the Dacron Trailing Edge and the D2 Canopy Material. This change in construction reduces flattering marks and ensures that the material is not wearing out.


The valve is suitable for both, inflation and deflation. The deflation option is integrated, which means no external deflation pin is required. Deflation is simply activated by turning the blue wheel on the inside of the valve completely to the right.