Kristin Boese






Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
Secrets is my favorite spot here at home on Maui whenever it actually works.
Boneyards is my go-to-everyday spot in any size surf that is perfect for playing around and trying stuff.
I also really love Western Australia with it’s many deserted beaches and countless beach breaks to get lost in.

Favourite gear set up?
I just love riding the Neo because I never need to worry about what my kite is doing, it is so incredibly stable and responsive. With the wind we get here on Maui I most often ride a 6m. In combination with either the Pro CSC or the Wohoo I am pretty much in heaven when it comes to kiting in waves.

Favourite music Top 3?
Kasey Chambers
The little Goats - before they broke up
Ryan Adams

Cat or dog?
Dog for sure, I have 2 of them and they are a real part of our family

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
I am more of a healthy farm girl, so veggies it is

Girls or boys ;-)?
hm, there only is one boy in my life but the females around me are pretty damn important too, so can I choose both?

Water or Champaign?
water on a daily basis, champagne to celebrate! :)

City or beach?
Beach, mountains and forest… I can’t be in a big city for too long.

Pink or black?

I love happy colors, my vote goes to pink.

Plane or roadtrip?
Road trips because you get to see so much more and live slower

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