Ralph Boelen


Normandie / France




Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
Guincho - Portugal, when it's hardcore and strong conditions for big air strapless.
One eye - Mauritius, when you wanna get scared in some bombs.
Silver sands - Barbados for a pure easy waves to scratch and fun to try new tricks in. 

Favourite gear set up?
7m Neo, 22m quad click bar, 5"11 pro surf

Favourite music Top 5?
- Slipknot
- Rammstein
- Avenged Sevenfold

Very relaxing.

Cat or dog?
Big dogs to hug

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
You are what you eat. I'm try to eat the most proper and respectful i can.

Girls or boys ;-)?

Water or Champaign?
Depends when !

Car or bike?
Wish I could have better legs to replace the car ...

City or beach?
Kite beach.

Pink or black?
Black fits on everything.

Plane or roadtrip?
Plane is faster !

What did you ever want to say?
Go out there and have fun ;)

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