Behind The Design - 2018 Neo.

The Neo has been a huge hit amongst the wave riding crew and the 2018 model is no exception. Ken Winner tells us more about this champion design. 

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10 years in the making and the most sold C-kite, designer Ralf Grösel spills the beans on the new 2018 Vegas; built for Wakestyle and kings of the air!

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Behind the design - 2018 Rebel.

Designer Ken Winner pops the hood on the legendary Rebel, that for 2018 takes on exciting new features and in-flight characteristics.

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The Juice is a great light wind performer sharing much of the same DNA as the Neo.

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Mono 2017 - An inside view from designer Ken Winner

The Mono is stripped back to basics and a fine example of our expertise in sophisticated innovation and design. Taking a step away from complexity and embracing simplicity, read what designer Ken Winner has to say about his unique creation powered by a simple structure.

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The New Evo by designer Ralf Grösel.

Dressed to impress and the perfect blend of Freeride, Freestyle and Wave performance, hear what Ralf Grösel - the man behind the new 2017 Evo - has to say about the most versatile kite in the range.

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Neo 2017 - An inside view from Kite Designer Ken Winner

This year the Neo is full of spirit and ready to unify you with the elements.

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The 2017 Vegas is here!

Coming in hot to the 2017 North Kiteboarding range is the Vegas, the Kite of champions! A pure Wakestyle / Freestyle Kite with outstanding mega loop performance there's no task too big for this bad boy.

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Vegas 2017 an insight view from designer Ralf Grösel

The Vegas! Still maintaining its position as the most sold C-kite on the market, it proved itself once again by taking its second Red Bull King Of The Air title at the hands of Aaron Hadlow.

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Rolling into its fourth generation is the Dice. With improved Wakestyle performance, 4th and 5th line compatibility, unique pigtail setup options and varied flying characteristics, this kite will put in a show-stopping performance no matter what's thrown at it. Find out more from Ralf Grösel, creator of the award winning Dice.

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Rebel 2017 an inside view from designer Ken Winner

A high performance Freeride and Big Air kite suited to everyone from beginner to expert, the Rebel will deliver maxim output with minimum input.

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Mono - An inside view with Ken Winner

Flying a kite has never been so easy. Only one strut, brilliant low end and super easy to steer - that's the Mono. Find out together with Ken Winner what else the Mono has to offer!

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Evo 2016 - an inside view with Ralf Grösel

5 struts, 4 line bar, an ultramodern Delta design, bombproof stability and highly versatile. Here is the most reliable all-round Kite you've ever flown!

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2016 Vegas Smashes Rider's Expectations

We catch up with Reno, Stefan and Colleen to find out what they think of the new 2016 Vegas, how they like to set it up, and get the inside scoop on what sounded like the trip of a lifetime to film the latest North episode, 'Beyond.'

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An insight into the 2016 NEO by Ken Winner

Ken Winner is the visionary, drive and innovation behind two of the most pinnacle kite models within the North Kiteboarding range.

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Notes on the 2016 Vegas by Ralf Grösel

The Vegas is the second most longstanding Kite in the North Kiteboarding range - after the Rebel - for several reasons. Its pure C feel, combined with the comfort of any modern Kites is just the start, and we're sure World Cup rider's like Paula Novotna, Stefan Spiessberger, Reno Romeu and Aaron Hadlow, as well as ambitious freestylers would agree.

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First impressions of the Dice 2016 by Tom Court

We're stoked about the launch of the new 2016 Dice!!! Going into it's third year it has redefined versatility and performance,...

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Dice 2016 - an inside view by Ralf Grösel

Ralf Grösel is the creator of the Dice; a versatile shredding machine. A kite that will meet the high demands of freestylers and wakestylers but as well will work for most waveriders.

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