'Welcome To The Other Side'

Noe Font and Jerome Cloetens are two of our young and influential Team Riders who use Kiteboarding to see different places. Following the release of their latest video 'Welcome to the other side' they speak about what inspired them and this project.

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'Take me to the Philippines.' Paula Novotna

Paula Novotna showcases the progression and empowerment of women in kiteboarding through her latest video 'Take me to the Philippines.' We caught up with her to find out more.

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Craig and Colleen hit CWC

We recently caught up with Craig & Colleen whilst they were training and playing hard at the CWC Cable Park in the Philippines.

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Manuela explores Peru.

For some, Peru may be known as the bubbling core of South American culture and traditions. For others it represents an endless coastline of pulsing swells with constant winds & Manuela was there to see it in all its glory!

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Alaskan Adventures Pt 2 - Gianni Aragno.

Gianni heads to the Alaskan mountains for some snowkiting. -28CÂș, a tree house, and riding at nightfall all make for an adventure of a lifetime.

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#HERROADTRIP pt.3 with Manuela Jungo.

The final leg of #HERROADTRIP in collaboration with 'She's Mercedes,' saw Manuela arrive in Tiree. A tranquil place of crystal waters, white-sand beaches and some of the purest, crisp air to exist in the world, not to mention world class riding conditions.

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Alaskan Adventures Pt.1 - Gianni Aragno

Gianni Aragno has shunned popular Kiteboarding hubs such as Brazil, for Alaska! His mission was to experience 'the great outdoors' in its purest form.

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Reno rides 600km of untouched Brazilian coastline.

How often does one wake up and think 'right today i'm going to Kite 600km'? Team Rider Reno Romeu has just completed a 600km downwinder over the course of 6 days!

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Help Stop Kite Prohibition!

Kiteboarding endangered on the entire coast of the North Sea, Germany as a request is filed to prohibit the sport on the Wadden sea....help put a stop to this.

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