The Bubble

Drum roll please…Tomorrow, 1st December, The Bubble Film will be dropping into your inbox and ready for your viewing pleasure.

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Craig Cunningham - The Bubble

Craig’s candid interview reveals the magic, the struggles and triumphs during the creation of The Bubble. Hold on to your pants and get your popcorn ready cause it’s just around the corner!

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#CHAPTERME. Lewis Crathern

It’s been a long time coming, but finally Team Rider Lewis Crathern shares his story. Introducing #CHAPTERME.

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Tom Court for Giorgio Armani

Tom Court films and stars in the first episode of an original series for Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò.

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'Pieces Of New York' Stefan Spiessberger.

Stefan Spiessberger's latest video takes him to the streets of the concrete jungle - NYC - and session in front of the Statue of Liberty.

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'Melancholy (in cursive)'

"Filming for this project has been the toughest of all the films.—Noè Font

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'Take me to Sardinia & Corsica'

Watch Paula Novotna hop on a catamaran to cruise and kite the Mediterranean shores of Sardinia and Corsica #takemeto

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Road tripping, skating, hitting the cable and shredding rails, this is Craig Cunningham's latest social media campaign for Mercedes-Benz Deutschland.

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'This is what i'm made of.' Iceland

Nuria Goma tells us about her latest video 'This is what i'm made of,' where she takes her passion for adventure and discovery to Iceland.

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A first time for everything.

Manuela Jungo tells us about her first time experience of the Ragnarok, Norway; the gear and products she used, and the lifestyle up in the mountains.

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'Habitual' Craig Cunningham

"I spend much of the year park riding, so it's great to get back into load-and-pop tricks, dial in some new moves and put a few new tweaks on some of the tricks I already do."

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'Weekend Wanderlust' up for Best Video 2015 award.

We caught up with Tom Court to hear about the creation of the video, his passion for filming, what motivates him & the gear he uses to capture all the action.

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#HERROADTRIP pt.2 with Manuela Jungo.

Manuela heads to the UK where she meets up with North Kiteboarding Team Mate and Freeride Project member Tom Court, on his home island of the Isle of Wight.

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"Where the wind blows."

Colleen Carroll is the main feature in the first episode of a five part series called 'Where the Wind Blows.' Set in Hood River, Oregon she talks travel and inspiration, whilst showcasing her impressive rail riding and freestyle skills.

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#HERROADTRIP pt.1 with Manuela Jungo.

Team rider Manuela Jungo has been on a whirlwind road trip through Europe in Partnership with Mercedes, who recently launched their project to empower women called 'She's Mercedes'

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Paula drops new movie 'A Taste Of Greece'

Sunshine bleached, action packed, full of power moves and style, Paula shows off her athlete status in her latest movie shot and edited by Sam Van Olmen.

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The Future Is Now.

You might not have heard the name Jerome Cloetens in the past, but now it's time to pay attention. As a 'grom,' his passion for Kiteboarding was nurtured through nature's oceanic playground which is the iconic location of Tarifa, along with Kiteboarding legend Jaime Herraiz

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Fitness, nutrition and confidence to rock bikinis

Manuela Jungo and Colleen Carroll are fantastic ambassadors for women's kiteboarding. As riders at the top of their game, there is no secret that fitness and nutrition comes into play

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