Behind The Design - 2018 Juice

The Juice is a performance orientated light wind kite equipped with excellent upwind characteristics and old-school jumping abilities for twin tip and foiling.

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Behind The Design - 2018 Mono

Ken Winner talks us through the new 2018 Mono. A simple, minimal design with an excellent ability to stay in the air no matter how light the wind.

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2018 Evo Rider Review

The all-inclusive Evo is a favourite amongst some of our Team Riders who hand-pick it as an essential part of their quiver. Big Air, Freestyle, Freeride and Foil fanatics Tom Hebert and Reno Romeu share their stoke on the new 2018 Evo.

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Behind the Design - Evo

It's the most accessible kite for every type of rider with a fresh new look. Designer Ralf Grösel talks us through the complete redesign of the new 2018 Evo.

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Speedster Combo Rider Review

Read what our Team Riders have to say about the most anticipated Foil for 2018. Introducing the new Speedster Combo, available to you NOW!

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Behind The Design - Speedster Combo

With zero compromise on design and performance, who better to give us the core facts than the designer of this magic piece of kit.

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2018 Neo Review From Maui

Who better to tell us about the 2018 Neo than Sky Solbach and Patri McLaughlin. After all, they're our die-hard wave riders from Maui.

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2018 Vegas review - It's Major!

Aaron Hadlow and Craig Cunningham go deep into the design and performance features of the new 2018 Vegas. Switching between freestyle, big air and park riding, it's versatile, direct and solid all-round.

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Tom Court reviews Dice 2018

Tom Court shares his thoughts on the new Dice, why it's his kite of choice and what makes it a true all-round performer.

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Behind the design - 2018 Dice.

Designer Ralf Grösel pops the hood on the best-selling Dice, that for 2018 has been designed to be the ultimate Freestyle and boosting all-round machine.

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New found love for the Nugget.

Lewis Crathern is a mega looping machine known for his no holds barred approach to the sport, but he's found new passion in the Nugget Surfboard.

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Choose The Right Kite - Jeremie Tronet

Fast becoming a bit of a gear guru, Jeremie Tronet's latest video will help you to decide which kite from our range is the one for you! Read what he has to say...

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It´s all about the ACE

Hi Kari, you’re the designer of the new ACE. Can you tell us a little about your background in Kiteboarding and Paragliding design.

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The adventurers choice.

If you were embarking on a mammoth 600km downwinder, what gear would you take? Cedric Tassier shares his thoughts.

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Nothing beats Young Blood.

We're passionate about our Young Blood concept and so is team rider Julia Castro. Using our unique package specific for kids, she teaches her younger siblings to shred.

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Which whip is for you?

Sky Solbach and Sebastien Ribeiro brief us on our 2017 wave boards - which style of riding they're suited to, the conditions they excel in, and what makes them so versatile.

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2017 Rebel by Jeremie Tronet

Jeremie Tronet talks us through the new 2017 Rebel, where it excels, which type of rider it's aimed at, as well as how it has become his ultimate Caribbean cruising companion.

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GKA men's Strapless Big Air Contest

Yes, this was the day of the GKA men's Strapless Big Air Contest in Le Mourne and no one held back in this fun-fuelled discipline!

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Tom Court gives the down-low on '2017 Dice'

Tom gives us the nitty-gritty on the 2017 Dice, redefining versatility and performance! Take five, make a cup of tea and have a read about the perfectly balanced Freestyle and Wave Kite.

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The Click Bar is here! The Gamechanger

Yes, you heard it right...The Click Bar is here! it's The Gamechanger.

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PIQ’s multisport sensor for kiteboarding

North Kiteboarding, the world’s leading Kiteboarding brand, and PIQ are announcing the availability of their product dedicated to kiteboard.

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New Juice takes park riders to the top.

“The Juice is my personal cable park, I’m the operator and the power is always on! - Craig Cunningham.

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The Boards We All Deserve

Sky Solbach is staring down a rowdy room of international dealers. The room goes silent as one Italian distributor vociferously breaks through the chaotic chatter, exclaiming, “Finally the boards we all deserve!”

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The 2016 Directional range revealed by Sky Solbach.

Introducing the 2016 Directional is Sky Solbach. Not only is he one of our most longstanding North Kiteboarding International Team riders, but he's also a bit of a wave slashing legend in his own right, who's passion for kiteboarding saw him funnel his interests further into the R&D side of the gear years back - more specifically, shaping surfboards.

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“The main difference between the 2015 and 2016 NEO is the turning speed and the depower. Experienced NEO enthusiasts will notice the difference right away.

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