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Behind The Design - 2018 Juice

Ralf Grosel is the visionary behind the new and improved 2018 Juice. A  longstanding member of our design team, he's responsible for bringing some of our most sucessful kites to life and the Juice is no exception. 

What was your vision for developing the 2018 Juice?

The Juice is our light wind kite. Recent market changes have seen a demand for performance orientated kites, able to be used in even the lightest of wind on a foil board. Therefore, my goal was to optimise the Juice in this way. I am personally still a huge fan and ambassador for twin tip riding so I ensured that the Juice is equipped with excellent upwind performance and old-school jumping abilities. 

What was the R&D process for the 2018 Juice and who did you call upon for help.

This year the Juice has been totally redefined, which means that I pretty much started from scratch. The kite has some 2018 Evo DNA, but due to sizing 15m² and 17m², I had to adjust the shape a lot. We mostly tested the kite on a German lake, tucked away in the Bavarian mountains. This allowed us to really see the design changes in light conditions. As light wind kiting and foiling becomes more and more important even the boss himself, Till Eberle, participated on the early morning test sessions to ensure that only the best design made the cut.

What design updates and differences can we see between the old 2017 and new 2018 Juice? 

As mentioned previously, the Juice is not based on the 2017 model. The kite has been entirely redesigned. The aspect ratio and flatter radius are the most obvious design changes. The profile has been developed to generate maximum upwind performance and I played quite a bit with the trailing edge cone to guarantee the jumping and sheet-and-go abilities are as good as possible. Another big factor was the water-relaunch behaviour. I designed the tip area to be as big and as flexible as possible to create a big area to catch the wind to let the kite roll off its tip.

What new settings are available on the 2018 Juice and what recommendations do you have for them?

We have our three standard settings - Soft, Medium and Hard steering. I recommend the following:

Soft setting: Use this setting if you are a light rider looking for the best water-relaunch ability.

Medium setting: As always, this setting is the factory setting and perfect compromise between turning ability, water-relaunch and handling.

Hard setting: If you are using the JUICE as old-school jumping machine, use this setting. Especially if you are above 95kg, you will see an increased precision in bar feedback and structural stiffness. 

Which line lengths do you use across the different kite sizes?

Please use 24m lines systems for both sizes. I recommend the 4-Line Click bar, especially due to high depower range. 

In short, sum up the 2018 Juice and who it is perfect for. 

A redefined kite design, optimised in upwind ability on twin tip boards. Due to the extreme high depower range, it’s also ideal for foiling.The 2018 Juice is the perfect kite choice on light wind days regardless of your riding style.