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2018 Dyno Rider Review

2018 is a big year for kiteboarding as it joins the world’s largest multi-sport event for high-performance young athletes, the Youth Olympics. Hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina, aspiring medalists will compete for the top spots, and the 2018 Dyno will be there in the fleet.

With more than a few World titles under her belt and now coaching the Youth Team, we do a quick-fire round of questions with Steph Bridge to get her view on the newly launched Dyno.

Where does the Dyno fit in the North Kiteboarding range?

The Dyno is a high performance kite with a very direct bar feel. Powerful and agile, it’s light in weight, drifts very well and has great inflight characteristics. Anyone looking for a performance kite to use in lighter winds, or wanting to jump high should hook onto the 15 or 18m Dyno. 

Tell us a little about the design and materials used this year. 

Bigger kites need more struts to support the larger outline, so the 6-Strut design gives the kite more stability. The use of Trinity TX material ensures that the kite has zero stretch and is incredibly strong.

Which bar and line lengths would you recommend? 

We like to use the new Dyno on the 2018 Click Bar with a 4 line, 22m setup. Shorter lines mean the kite turns faster and allows you to carry more size when overpowered.

Who will enjoy the Dyno?

Bigger riders looking for extra power, people wanting to ride quickly and effortlessly upwind and kiters that like to get going in light winds. The Dyno is also registered for the Youth Olympics and will be the kite of choice to win the first Olympic medal for the sport. It could be part of history in the making.