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Welcome to the team Artem!

We’re stoked to welcome Artem Garashchenko to the North Kiteboarding International Team. The 23 year old Russian will be joining the list of some of the industry’s best, and we look forward to seeing what he brings to the table. Introducing Artem…

Hi Artem! Can you tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in Yekaterinburg which is almost on the border of Europe and Asia, near the Ural Mountains. My father was one of the first kiteboarders in Russia and he started teaching me when I was 9. By 10 I was cruising about on a snow kite. I carried on for a few season, but was under a lot of pressure from my father. I switched to skateboarding for a while, returning to kiteboarding without fear and full of motivation. From then on, I spent half the year riding on the water and the other half in the snow. 

What’s your favourite style of riding?

I’d have to say wakestyle and park riding, which i’ve been doing a lot over the last few years. This year I was fully focused on the Kite Park League and i’ll continue to focus all my attention on hitting sliders and kickers on both the water and snow.

Who’s your kiteboarding hero?

I would say I have one specifically, but all the riders that do motivate me are all part of North Kiteboarding. I’m stoked to join the team and can’t wait to compete together on the tour and push our sport to the next level.

Competition results?

I’m 3x WISSA snow kite World Champion, ISKA Europe Champion and 6 x Russian Champion. This year I also made the Top-10 in the Kite Park League. 

What gear do you ride?

Regardless of the conditions I ride the Vegas on a Wakestyle Bar for maximum pop and slack. My favourite board is the Gambler 139cm for unhooked tricks and 143cm for park riding. I ride them with North Boots and narrow stance setup.

What projects have you got lined up?

Right now I'm training in Brazil, working on long grabs and new tricks to showcase at the snow kite championships. I’m also going to organise several of my own freestyle kite camps throughout Russia and concentrate on Kite Park League events.