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Quad Control Bar – Upgrade Kit available

We’d like to inform you that we are offering a free of charge Upgrade Kit for the 2015 Quad Control Bar. There were some cases of increased abrasion on the red front line of the bar caused by friction between the line and the black safety pulley. Consequently we decided to implement a small running change to the bar. We replaced the safety pulley by 2 rings and a small pigtail, thus preventing the red line from wearing off.

Everyone using one of the first Quad Control Bars with the former system can now get a free of charge Upgrade Kit to change the safety pulley to the ring/ring solution in order to prevent the abrasion of the red line.

To be safe and to avoid any material failure we recommend every owner of a Quad Control Bar which is still equipped with the former system to check the bar/lines and to contact your dealer to be provided with the free of charge Quad Control Bar Upgrade Kit. It contains the two rings, a small pigtail as well as a manual on how to change from safety pulley to ring/ring solution. It can easily be done and will only take 10 minutes. The Upgrade Kit is free of charge so don’t hesitate to see your dealer!