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Best Trick by Hadlow - KOTA

Congrats on winning Best Trick of the event! Can you tell us a bit about what it was and why it impressed the judges so much. 

I won the best trick with a Megaloop Board Off Front Roll. I usually only ride boots but it seems like the judges are looking for more variety and I thought I needed to at least have the option to change to straps depending on the rider I would come up against. I practised just one move in straps and that was the Megaloop Board Off. As it is a new trick I think it won the prize. Some other riders did a few straight ones (no roll) and mainly using grab handles, which makes the trick much easier. I was able to perform the Board Off before and during the kite loop, and generate a lot of power in the loop whilst grabbing the rail. The others I saw generally did the loop, then take the board off after, so I think that is what did it for me.

How did you prepare for this year’s event, and was it different to previous years?

The preparation both mentally and physically is the same every year. You have to be on top of your game, know your equipment inside out and be clear with what you will be able to perform. There’s also plenty of sessions and gym time to get fit as possible as it is the most demanding event on the calendar. This year was different as I knew I may have to add some other tricks into my heat, so I practised a few extra moves in order to prepare fully. 

What are you thoughts on the change of venue?

The change in venue was very welcome, the new location has potential to help us to perform much better. This year the wind was really light in Cape Town and there weren’t many really strong days that we hoped for. During the event the conditions were also not optimal, and I think if it was at Big Bay it probably would have been the first year that the comp would not have been held.

There seems to be more variety in this style of riding, how competitive was the fleet this year?

There is defiantly a big split between the riders now with bridle kites and straps vs C kites and boots, and it has been growing more and more every year. The fleet of riders is as competitive as ever, the problem is it’s hard to know what it takes to win the event now, everyone is entitled to their opinion and of course how they express themselves and portray Big Air, it's really hard for the judges but I think somehow they do a pretty good job considering the variables.

How did your 2018 Hadlow TS board perform and what new design features will people enjoy?

My board is ideal for all the disciplines I love; freestyle, big air and rails. It’s perfect for big air as it has so much grip for holding down a lot of power. Extra flex in the tips compared with previous years make it ideal for loading and using kickers for the biggest jumps and loops.

What’s next for you?

I have a big video project on the go at the moment and I will be focusing on the Triple-S as my next competition.


Photo Credit : Red Bull Content Pool.