Pure Cocos

Follow adventure seekers Tom Hebert and Reno Romeu to the end of then earth as they discover Cocos Island. Watch as they navigate the raw, pure island bursting with life as they take to the deserted windy waters on the new Evo for some expression sessions that will be remembered for a lifetime.

27 coral specks in the Indian Ocean make up the Cocos, which were discovered by Captain William Keeling back in 1609 - hence also being known as Keeling Islands - but only two are inhabited with a combined population of around 600.

Kiteboarding in Cocos Island is incredible. It can only be described as paradise. Here the community is really small and very special, everybody knows and trusts each other. The ocean’s beautiful and full of all sorts of sea life. Above the surface through, the conditions were great for riding and the Evo was the perfect kite for the trip.” Reno.

Described as a place that both gives and takes, its bountiful reefs and dense jungle allow for a truly stripped back way of living, at a slower island pace. 

We catch up with Tom Hebert following their epic adventure.

How is Cocos different to your home spot of New Caledonia? 

They are both islands with nice tropical vibes. Cocos is way smaller than New Cal but it can offers a lot to do if you are a sea oriented person. I live for the ocean and love to surf, kite and fish so both destinations suit me perfectly. In Cocos you will find peace and lots of time to relax, as well as laid back locals. It’s different in comparison to the big mama New Caledonia where you have to drive quite far in order to get to an amazing, empty spot.

How was the riding conditions in Cocos?

The conditions were pretty light most of the time. I love to be overpowered so I recommend packing a 13/14m and a 10m. The Jaime Extreme 138cm was ideal for riding in Cocos as it’s soft and smooth through the chop and has good pop thanks to the carbon construction.There was an insane flat water lagoon which was shallow and bright turquoise in colour. There were also waves next to the main kiting spot and lots to be discovered by kite. It’s an adventurers paradise. 

Funniest moment?

I got caught by the only policeman on the island doing donuts in the middle of the street on a motorbike! But it was all good, he was cool.

So sit back and get ready to watch some magical imagery and cool action from the boys as they ride in one of nature’s finest. Could the Cocos well be our planet’s last unspoilt paradise? 

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