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2018 Juice Rider Review

Can you introduce the 2018 Juice? 

Jeremie: The new 2018 North Kiteboarding Juice is the holy grail of light wind kites, as well as a great kite for heavier riders. The 15 and 17m sizes might seem massive, but they move and feel like smaller kites and are extremely accessible to everyone and all levels.

Manu: The 15m Juice is a must-have in my quiver. Even though I am a light rider, I still need a reliable low wind kite for certain situations where other kites just don’t have enough power and stability to rider, train or compete.

Why do you choose to ride the Juice?

Jeremie: The Juice is my kite of choice for all of my light wind twin tip sessions. It delivers all the necessary power I need to jump and always gets me back to shore.

Manu: The Juice guarantees me more time on the water as I am able to ride as soon as there are a few knots. Now I have the Juice, I really enjoy these sessions as often the wind is extremely consistent and the water very flat.

What are the Juice’s standout features? 

Jeremie: As a big kite, the new Juice is extremely versatile. It allows for unhooked tricks and long hang time when jumping, even in the slightest breeze.

Manu: The kite is very light and manoeuvrable for its size and is incredibly stable in the sky.

Tell us about Trinity TX material?

Jeremie: The new Trinity TX material is an amazing addition to all the North Kiteboarding kites this year. It enhances rigidity and maintains flying characteristics season after season.

What’s your preferred line length for the Juice? 

Jeremie: As the Juice is primarily used in Light wind conditions I benefit from the extra power gained when using longer lines and a wider bar for faster turning. 24m lines is a great compromise for achieving all the power needed during hooked in sessions.For unhooked riding I like 22m lines.

Manu: I recommend using the Juice with the Trustbar or the Clickbar. As it’s a big kite, it’s necessary to have a bar that is wide enough to transfer the movements quickly to the kite. I prefer to ride the Juice with 22 meter lines, because I like to keep the kite as responsive as possible. When the wind is very light I sometimes need to add 2 meter extensions for more power.