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North Kiteboarding Young Blood!

For summer 2016 North Kiteboarding resumes its „Young Blood“ program, which was first introduced in 2006. The goal is to get more kids and youngsters into watersports and to support up-and-coming talents. North Kiteboarding will be teaming up with selected retailers and schools with an extraordinary offer for kids up to the age of 15: After successfully completing a beginner kite course, kids will be able to buy a complete gear package at a special Young Blood price. Consisting of a Mono kite (size 5m, 7m or 9m), a Gonzales board and NTT Binding, as well as a Trust Bar it will be available for kids at half the recommended retail price. Through the Young Blood program North Kiteboarding aims to help aspiring young kiters getting started by making it possible and affordable for them to use professional and save equipment from day one. In order to receive a voucher for a Young Blood Package, kids have to enrol for a beginner kite class at one of the partnering schools within the dated program period of June-August 2016. After successfully completing the class they will receive a voucher for one of only 100 packages available. The voucher can be redeemed at any participating retailer store within the three months of the program and on proof of age. Only one voucher per person can be redeemed.

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