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News From The Bubble

If you’ve been wondering what Aaron Hadlow, Craig Cunningham, Noe Font, Colleen Carroll, Stefan Spiessberger and friends have been up to the last half year, you’re not alone. They’ve been a bit quiet due to a project called, 'The Bubble!' 
A full length film shot in 4k and filmed at their favorite locations across the world, there's been no constraints, no set schedules and no other purpose than to give you a closer look of the bubble they live in. 
A crew of riders that travel, eat, ride, laugh and cry together - but come from such drastically different walks of life - all assemble to live in this fictitious bubble. They’re living in it 24/7, pushing their riding as hard as possible in order to create their best sections ever! Wrapping it all up in 30+ minutes of kiteboarding glory.  
We can't wait for the release of the movie, but bor now, flick through through @thebubblefilm on Instagram and take a peak over at , making sure that you sign up so the guys can keep you posted on the movie's status. Hopefully you’re as excited as we are to see it.  Stay tuned!"