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The New Evo by designer Ralf Grösel.

What was your vision for developing the 2017 Evo?

The Evo is the most well-rounded kite within the North Kiteboarding range. Therefore the task was to focus on tweaking the finer details such as handling, depower, stability and ease of use. These attributes collectively play a fundamental part in the Evo's high performance across all disciplines and in all conditions.

How does working with Team Riders help the development process?

Feedback from the market and our Team Riders always finds its way into the R&D process. The aim of developing a product is to take the feedback onboard and workout how to implement these 'upgrades,' all the while maintaining those classic Evo qualities. This year Craig Cunningham has been part of my testing sessions for the Evo, as it always helps having someone else to bounce ideas back and fourth with.

What are the core changes on 2017 Evo when compared to the previous model?

This year you'll notice the lighter, faster steering. The three new back pigtail positions allow for the kite to be individually customised to suit your riding style and needs. The difference between these three settings is significantly noticeable and you should definitely try them all out. I've also implemented the LE Dacron strip and 3D canopy shaping for a cleaner, stiffer canopy.

What are your recommendations for the different settings?

The factory settings combine the best of both worlds. Fast, light but still very responsive. Overall, I would recommend this setting as it fits perfectly to the general flying characteristics of the Evo. However, the Soft setting works best for strapless surfing and the Hard setting for big lofty airs.

Which line length do you use on the different kites?

If you're riding anything below 11m I recommend the 4 line 22m bar. For anything over 11m, I suggest the 24m 4 line bar. In a nutshell, what´s new for 2017? A new Dacron frame, new 3D Shaping for a very clean profile, and a different tip strut design for faster turning.

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