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Speedster Combo Rider Review

New to the North Kiteboarding range is the most anticipated and talked about Foil for 2018. Introducing the new Speedster Combo, the only tool needed to quickly improve your Foiling skills. It’s accessible, easy to use and a whole lot of fun. 

With its unmatched Speed Range, you can cruise comfortably at low speeds or switch gear for race mode. Endless attention to detail can be found through unique design features such as Winglets for outstanding stability, an additional small Mast for shallow waters and the optional Wedge for first-time flyers.

Enjoyed by many, we asked a few of our International Team Riders to share their thoughts on the hottest ride on low-wind days.

Reno Romeu: In the beginning I thought that it would be just another board to go back and fourth on, but it’s crazy how many cool things you can do with it. It makes something a simple as going upwind so much fun! There are so many tricks to learn and you can get really creative. There’s no limit to how far you can go with it. You can ride it anywhere, in pretty much any conditions. I love to use the Speedster Combo when the wind is light and steady. You can use big kites and enjoy the silence as you literally hover above the water. I use the Foil when I wouldn’t be able to ride on any other board.

Tom Hebert: It’s a very easy Foil and perfect for every customer looking to get started and learn safely. It’s a totally different experience to race Foil which is unpredictable and needs speed to get lift. The Speedster is very stable at low speeds and great for trying new tricks like riding whilst sitting down.  I tried the small Mast recently in the Coco Islands on the 2018 Evo shoot. It was great as the water was shallow and worked well, but i’d still recommend that you use the full length Mast in deep waters. 

Jeremie Tronet: Foiling gives me some of the best sensations i’ve ever experienced on a board and now I get excited when the wind drops below 12 knots. I’ll take any excuse to hit the water and play with my Speedster Foil. What impressed me the most is that it has an amazingly early take off. It’s super manoeuvrable in extremely light winds without sacrificing the great stability provided by the Winglets. It’s the perfect Freeride/Freestyle Foil for all levels. 

Sebastian Ribeiro: I think there are lots of easy Foils available, but easy and fast is a combination I’ve only seen on the new North Speedster. It’s super stable and you don’t need much speed to gain lift, ideal for light wind. I like it because it’s easy to get going with straightforward handling. It also packs top performance and has a really impressive speed range; probably the most outstanding and unique feature for everyone to enjoy.

Jan Marcos Riveras: I tried the new Speedster Combo in Tarifa a month ago and fell in love with it. Now I use in when the conditions are less than 10 knots, preferably with a 7m Neo. I like it because it’s easier than other Foils I’ve tried. Also, the Speedster has a special Wedge that can be used to adjust the angle of the rear wing. Doing this allows the Foil to fly at lower speeds, perfect for first-time flyers. It’s also really stable thanks to the stabilising Winglets.

So there you have it, the professional opinion from our Freestyle, Freeride, Wave and Strapless Team Riders. It’s safe to say that they are all hooked on the new Speedster Combo and we guarantee you will be too. For more info head on over to the official North Kiteboarding website, or head to your local North Kiteboarding shop and check it out for yourself.