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Strapless Camp with Matchu Lopes!!!

When kiteboarding became kite-SURFING, and entered a whole new dimension while finding its true roots. Freedom, pure riding and control, a new world of tricks and sensations, by all wind strengths . Strapless, THE exploding discipline of the sport, and the logical progression of every keen kiter.

Join us for a one of a kind Kite Camp with our partners North Kiteboarding and ION in the beautiful mind-blowing kiting paradise of Zanzibar. Fantastic center, top instruction from one of the most inspirational riders of all times, and of course the best equipment await you, with the opportunity to ride with some of the newest 2018 NKB directional boards and have a seriously fun time on land and on water !

Spaces are limited for this camp ... so hurry and book. Find all of the info you need on the camp and the spot on our website, and get ready for the ride of your life!

Strapless, free and stoked.



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