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10 years in the making and the most sold C-kite on the market, the Vegas is a pure Wakestyle and competition orientated kite with the added bonus of extreme boosting. Designer Ralf Grosel, gives us the inside scoop on the 2018 Vegas and what we can expect to see from this kite fit for kings. 

How did this year influence the 2018 Vegas?

The Vegas has an incredible track record for the last 10 years and in 2017 it retained its reputation as the world’s most sold C-kite. This year we had 7 North Kiteboarding Team Riders competing at the Red Bull King Of The Air and the ’17 Vegas was by far the most outstanding kite. It was great to see Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten finish in 2nd and 3rd place using the Vegas!

We really value rider feedback and analyse it carefully before implementing any updates that could change the Vegas’ concept too radically. Therefore, we decided to make upgrades on the latest design features and construction details rather than develop a new kite. This led us to integrating the new OnePump system into the kite, along with new Dacron wave panels on the TE for more durability and canopy stiffness. Finally, we played around with the canopy tension to make the kite as efficient as possible. The results are really good. 

Why choose the 2018 Vegas?

This year’s model is in a league of its own. We value the Vegas’ reputation as a pure Wakestyle/Freestyle machine with outstanding mega loop performance. As the leading C-kite on the market, it’s a benchmark model for its class. Riders looking for precise handling, unhooked pop and performance, boosting potential and impressive looping abilities will not be disappointed.

Which line lengths do you recommend across the different sizes?

For the hardcore Wakestyle/Freestyle rider, I highly recommend that they use the Wakestyle bar with 22m lines across all sizes. This is the ultimate combination for riding unhooked and gives the option to choose between a 5 and 6 line setup.

If you’re looking to go big and pull the trigger on kite loops, I suggest switching to the Trust Bar and 22m lines. This setup, as well as and using the inner bar width is awesome across all sizes

Any tips for using the different settings?

For Wakestyle I recommend using a Medium depower setting with the Hard steering setting.

For Freestyle I suggest the High depower setting with a Medium steering setting.

For Competition riding I advise the Low depower setting with the Hard steering setting.

In a nutshell, what´s new for the 2018 Vegas ?

New Dacron wave panels on the TE make this year’s model even more durable, whilst the new OnePump system is extremely user-friendly. The optimised 3D shaping of the canopy has allowed us to update the canopy tension in order to increase efficiency and inflight characteristics.