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Vegas 2017 an insight view from designer Ralf Grösel

We caught up with Ralf Grösel, designer of the Vegas, to get and inside view on the development process and product updates for 2017

What was your vision for developing the 2017 Vegas?

As the Vegas has been so successful - still retaining its status as the most sold C-kite on the market - I didn't try and develop it from scratch. The task was to maintain that well-known Vegas 'feel,' but fine-tune and improve its flying characteristics further towards the hardcore Wakestyle and Mega-Loop disciplines; after all, Hadlow has won the Red Bull King Of The Air for the last two consecutive years on the Vegas.

Did Aaron have much input into the R&D process for the 2017 Vegas?

For the last two years Aaron has been very involved in the development of the Vegas. His ability to judge a prototype in a few minutes really helps the process. He's so familiar with the kite and demands a lot in terms of performance. We tried several different approaches and tested every concept from Wakestyle to Big Air, and Mega Loops.

What are the main differences of the Vegas compared to the 2016 model?

We completely redesigned the middle section of the kite. This section – from centre to the quar ter strut – determines the pop factor which is of paramount importance for the Vegas. By adding one more panel to each side, I was able to create a smoother arc and therefore a cleaner profile. Having added in the new Dacron frame – which is seen in the whole 2017 range – I was able to ensure an extremely stif f and durable product, as well as enabling us to work on a more efficient pop by choosing a deeper, thicker profile. This framework is ideal for optimized 3D shaping of the canopy. All these details culminate in much more unhooked pop, better lift and reduced tendencies to back-stall when unhooked.

What´s your recommendation on the different settings?

For Wakestyle I recommend using a Medium depower setting with the Hard steering setting.

For Freestyle I suggest the High depower setting with a Medium steering setting.

For Competition riding I advise the Low depower set ting with the Hard steering setting.

Which line length do you use on the different size kites?

The Vegas works best with the Wakestyle bar which only comes with 22m lines. If you're feeling really adventurous, then try the Hadlow 6 line setup. 

In a nutshell, what´s new for the 2017 Vegas?

An additional panel between centre and quarter strut for a smoother arc, a deeper and thicker profile for more pop and lift, and a Dacron frame for more precise handling and less possibility to back-stall.