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2018 Evo Rider Review

Are you ready for the EVOlution? The all-inclusive Evo has unmatched upwind performance, can boost to the moon, handle the latest Freestyle tricks, tow you into waves and much more! It’s no wonder that it’s a favourite amongst some of our Team Riders who handpick it as an essential part of thier quiver. Tom Hebert and Reno Romeu tell us more…

What’s your take on the 2018 Evo? 

Tom: Put simply, it’s a very nice kite and a sweet allrounder. It’s lighter than last year because of the 3-Strut design, extremely versatile and perfect for riders looking for one kite that does it all. 

Reno: The new 2018 Evo, in my opinion, is the best ever made. The Delta shape combined with the 3-Strut design gives you a lot of control whilst delivering great agility and turning abilities. It’s perfect for those wanting to get out there and ride every style possible.


Why do you ride the EVO?

Tom: I choose to ride the Evo because it’s best suited to my preferred discipline, Big Air. That said, it’s a great performer for all styles of riding such as Freeride, Freestyle and Waves.  

Reno: I choose to ride the Evo because it’s a great performance kite. It’s easy and comfortable to ride, especially upwind, it jumps incredibly well and has some of the best hang time on the market complemented by kite loops and effortless Freeriding.

What are the Evo’s standout performance features?

Tom: Good airtime! It’s also a great travel companion as it delivers in all conditions and allows you to enjoy all aspects of the sport. The Evo has a great wind range with a lot of depower which allows me to take a big kite for massive old-school tricks, or trim is for some unhooked fun. 

Reno: For me the most epic feature on the 2018 Evo is the hangtime. If I want to boost, go big and get max airtime then the Evo is definitely my kite of choice.

Is it versatile?

Reno: It’s really versatile! With the 3-Struts and Delta shape the kite can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone. From riding upwind to pulling big kite loops in strong winds, it shines all round.

What are your thoughts on the Trinity TX material?

Tom: The material complements the Evo design so much and keeps its compact shape. It also helps the kite’s responsively and turning capabilities, not to mention longer lasting to withstand many years of fun. 

Reno: The Trinity TX material is an evolution. We had a really good material before (d2) but now we have one layer more of extra reinforcement at just the right angle in order to provide our kites with even greater strength and combat against  general wear and tear. 

Which bar and line lengths would you recommend and why? 

Tom: I recommend riding the Evo on a 24m line bar as it’s the perfect middle-ground and adaptable setup for Big Air and New-School tricks without coming off the water. 

Reno: For Big Air and optimum hangtime, I recommend using 24m lines so the kite doesn't move too quick through the wind-window, allowing you to stay in the air longer.  For Freeride and kite loops then shortening the lines to 22m makes the kite more dynamic, more extreme and faster!

Who will enjoy the Evo?

Reno: Everyone will enjoy the Evo. From those starting out in the sport to those wanting to hit the water, have fun, go big, surf in the waves and cruise upwind effortlessly, it’s by far the most accessible, easy going and comfortable kite on the market.