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Behind the Design - Evo

The Evo is the most accessible kite for any type of rider and for 2018 it’s been completely redesigned. By taking the great DNA from the previous models and using all our knowledge, we’ve managed to create a truly fantastic Delta shaped kite that can boost to the moon, handle the latest freestyle tricks and tow you into some amazing waves. Designer Ralf Grösel tells us more...

Why has the Evo changed from 5 to 3 Struts?

The main objective was to reduce the overall weight of the kite in order to improve the inflight characteristics. A lighter kite also boosts agility and increases responsiveness. That said, our focus never wavered from retaining the all-round performance that the Evo is so famous for. 

The reduction in the number of Struts seen on the 2018 model has created a new shape via the swept back tips. This combined with an increase in tip surface area enhances water relaunch especially in light winds. This additional performance attributes will be very useful to many, especially foilers. 

Are there any downsides to decreasing the number of Struts?

One might think that a reduction in the number of Struts could create a less structured shape. However, this year i’ve been working on a new Dacron frame which banishes any possible instability around the tip area.   

How does the Evo fit within the North Kiteboarding lineup?

The Evo has, and will always be the ultimate all-round kite. My main focus is to make the kite as lively and user-friendly as possible. From a designers perspective, this means that the sheeting and steering must be on a light to medium pressure without loosing awareness of the kite’s position within the wind-window. This is really important if you want to jump high. There’s a fine line between having light bar pressure and maintaining very precise feedback from the kite, but i’ve managed to achieve that this year. 

The positioning of the Evo within the range is very clear. It’s an easy jumper with massive sheet-and-go qualities and has a huge depower. It’s the most accessible kite for all type of rider.

Who is the Evo’s target audience?

I truly believe that the majority of kiteboarders will be super satisfied with the Evo as it’s the ultimate all-rounder. Although the Evo doesn’t deliver the outstanding unhooked performance of the Vegas or the drifting abilities of the Neo, it’s able to cope at entry level of all styles of riding. The Dice is a more sporty ride with a crisp and extreme attributes, whereas the Evo is a very balanced and forgiving ride, still coping and performing extremely well in the same conditions as other kites.