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The Director's Chair - The Bubble

The countdown has begun to the release of the majorly anticipated, feature length ‘The Bubble’ movie! With the premier schedule launched and the finishing touches being made on the cutting table, we thought we’d ask visionary and creator Noé Font for some last minute thoughts. Yes, it’s an exclusive straight from the Director’s chair. 

How far from finished are you?

The first premiere is in Hood River in less than ten days so I better be near the end. If you’d have asked me the same question a couple of days ago I wouldn’t have known what to say. Now I’m happy to say that I’m just wrapping things up, adding a few little things here and there, working on credits and closing all the sections into one big piece. Colleen asked me if it felt great to be at this point and honestly it’s the best feeling ever! When you see it all come together it gives you the extra motivation to push through and keep going until it’s done. There’s also that midlife crisis moment coming into the last quarter of the edit where you lack inspiration and there is still so much to do. 

What was the response to the Trailer? 

I thought it was great. People liked it. There’s this thing with Trailers where if they weren’t called ‘Trailers’ you’d be like; 'oh here is another clip’. Either way, we’ve had lots of people messaging us and giving us great feedback. Also about the tour, we are going to premiere the film so check out The Bubble premier schedule online. There have been tons of people asking about premieres here and there, but unfortunately we can’t be everywhere at once and we figured if we were going to premiere it somewhere, one of us had to be there. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned during this project? 

As a whole it’s been a crazy learning experience. From logistics to lining up with people, events, tricks, story telling, editing and all of that. There’s just so much to consider, but I guess time frames and underestimating how long it actually takes to pull it off is the main one. We set a deadline and pushed it back, I’ve forgotten how many times already.  

Highs and lows? 

We are so weather dependent it gets very frustrating when you plan something for a long time and it doesn’t work out. You get your riders out on the water, cameras are set, the park is ready, even the forecast is promising and then you get skunked with the wind. Coming back from a trip with zero clips is probably the worst (other than injury of course). My favourite moments are probably when you work with someone to get a certain trick, from a certain angle - it’s super rewarding to land the trick but also get a good image, in front or behind the lens, that’s what makes it worthwhile for me. 

Has much changed since the start or have you stayed on course? 

Story wise, we started with no direction at all and ended up with a whole story to tell, so yes, it has changed a lot. On the other hand, we had to improvise as we went on trips and last minute missions to get those final shots. When you start you know there is so much time, so you aren’t too bothered about it. But as you go there is less and less time, so you end up going on more and more trips. The last few weeks were just crazy with back to back week-long trips everywhere. 

What’s kept you motivated and focused? 

I suppose I never lost the fire for it because I always had the chance to do something else. Filming was obviously a big part of my work but when I’d get over it, I could always go and work on my own section. When you’re working on a big scale project like this you feed of each other’s motivation, and if you’re feeling down one day someone else's drive will get you to push through and get back to it.  

Best trip in the movie and why? 

It’s hard to say as they’ve all have been so different. I really enjoyed my solo mission with Vincent to Turkey where we not only got to film, but also brainstorm a shit load of ideas for the project. At that point I was just getting started with the edit so it was really cool to have him around. Our days where filled with camera nerd conversations and endless banter. On the other hand Brazil, Australia, Hatteras; they never disappoint.

What’s influenced the artsy side of the movie? 

I’d love to say something else but I find almost all my inspiration on the internet. You can easily find the right circles of stuff and people you’re into and just feed of them. I guess whatever is around you shapes you in one way or the other. I’m lucky enough to have a group of friends who inspired me to come up with such a story and to create this film. 

What do you hope people will take away with them after watching The Bubble

 The whole idea is to get people stoked on full length movie projects again. Hopefully we’ll inspire them just like the old kite films have inspired us. I mean, where is the beauty in a one minute Instagram clip? You look away from the screen once and the whole thing is over already. We want people to sit down, grab some popcorn and enjoy this thing. If they don’t have the time, someone else will. 

When did you last ride yourself? 

Hahaha for myself? Actually I went out for a little cruise a couple of weeks ago, other than that I’ve been locked in a room editing the film.

How have friendships grown within the crew? 

We’ve all become much closer throughout the year. It’s always felt like a family away from home, but now we've lived so many adventures together it definitely feels like family now. 

Would you do it again? 

Ask me now and the answer is No. Not right now, at least for a while, it’s been crazy! I still need to digest this whole thing. Ask me in a few months and see what I say ;)

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