Behind the Design - Evo

It's the most accessible kite for every type of rider with a fresh new look. Designer Ralf Grösel talks us through the complete redesign of the new 2018 Evo.

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Behind the design - 2018 Dice.

Designer Ralf Grösel pops the hood on the best-selling Dice, that for 2018 has been designed to be the ultimate Freestyle and boosting all-round machine.

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Vegas 2017 an insight view from designer Ralf Grösel

The Vegas! Still maintaining its position as the most sold C-kite on the market, it proved itself once again by taking its second Red Bull King Of The Air title at the hands of Aaron Hadlow.

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Notes on the 2016 Vegas by Ralf Grösel

The Vegas is the second most longstanding Kite in the North Kiteboarding range - after the Rebel - for several reasons. Its pure C feel, combined with the comfort of any modern Kites is just the start, and we're sure World Cup rider's like Paula Novotna, Stefan Spiessberger, Reno Romeu and Aaron Hadlow, as well as ambitious freestylers would agree.

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Dice 2016 - an inside view by Ralf Grösel

Ralf Grösel is the creator of the Dice; a versatile shredding machine. A kite that will meet the high demands of freestylers and wakestylers but as well will work for most waveriders.

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Testing is where the magic happens

At North Kiteboarding, we have an array of specialists that make up a Team responsible for the creation and evolution of our innovative and high quality products.

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Vegas 2015 by Aaron Hadlow and Ralf Gröse

The Vegas is obviously a completely new kite, how could an icon like the Vegas be redesigned from scratch!?

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The Hadlow Setup by Aaron Hadlow

The Hadlow set up is very personal to me, it started out as a sketch in my notebook many years ago, I was trying to give the kite support without loosing any performance.

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Dice - The designer’s perspective

Ralf Grösel is the designer of, and mastermind behind the highly successful Dice.

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