Artem crowned king of the snow

Artem wins the Snow Kite Masters and is crowned Snow Kite World Champ again. We catch up with him following his impressive performance.

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A moment of reflection with Stefan

We take a tea break with Stefan Spiessberger to reflect on his 2017 and hear his thoughts as he looks forward into the New Year.

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Our girls keep the pressure on.

Francesca Bagnoli and Paula Novotna continue to deliver fine performances on the WKL and secure their spots at the top of the leaderboard.

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Welcome to the team Artem!

The 23 yr old Russian joins the list of some of the industry’s best, and we look forward to seeing what he brings to the table. Introducing Artem..

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Half-Time Hustle

The WKL '17 World Tour is well underway and boy we’ve enjoyed the action so far! We catch up with Stef and Paula for some half-time hustle.

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The Director's Chair - The Bubble

‘The Bubble’ movie is about to hit our screens and we've got an exclusive, straight from the Director’s chair! Take it away Noé...

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2018 Vegas review - It's Major!

Aaron Hadlow and Craig Cunningham go deep into the design and performance features of the new 2018 Vegas. Switching between freestyle, big air and park riding, it's versatile, direct and solid all-round.

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Aaron Hadlow talks 'The Bubble'

"The Bubble’ is aimed at kiters, is a quality production, something with a cool style, mainly a bit different and very watchable." - Hadlow

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10 years in the making and the most sold C-kite, designer Ralf Grösel spills the beans on the new 2018 Vegas; built for Wakestyle and kings of the air!

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'True Blue Greece' Stefan Spiessberger

Following the release of 'True Blue Greece' Stef tells us about the evolution of his riding, keeping kiteboarding fresh and his gear.

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Smash Hit at Spornado Hood Jam

Colleen, Craig and Noé tell us about the setup and execution of the Spornado Hood Jam, how their gear performed, as well as their cracking results.

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The reality of a 'Bubble' - Noe Font

In one of the most honest interviews we’ve had for a long time, Noe Font gives an in-depth behind the scenes insight into how creating ‘The Bubble' has shaped him and his year.

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Queen Colleen. Triple - S!

Insane hits and tricks were thrown down from the get-go but it was Colleen who wowed the judges taking 1st place! Read her thoughts...

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A Solid Start By Stefan

Stefan Spiessberger’s fierce performance from the get-go saw him advance through the rounds and securing 4th place overall in Leucate.

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Top Marks In Leucate.

Congratulations to Francesca Bagnoli and Stefan Spiessberger for their outstanding results in Leucate on the first stop of the WKL World Tour.

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'Objectives.' Lasse Walker

The latest video from Lasse Walker is powerful, creative and full of mind blowing mega loops. Read about the inspiration behind Objectives...

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Tom Bridge joins Red Bull

The UK has spawned some serious kiteboarding talent over the years and Tom Bridge is certainly one of them joining world renowned Red Bull as an official Team Rider.

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Paula Novotna revels in the Ragnarok

"The hills were covered in snow and with the view of 350 kiters, it was like a winter wonderland." Paula Novotna hits the Red Bull Ragnarok for her first snow kiting experience

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#CHAPTERME. Lewis Crathern

It’s been a long time coming, but finally Team Rider Lewis Crathern shares his story. Introducing #CHAPTERME.

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A double win for Julia and Christian!

Julia Castro and Christian Tio dominate at the 3rd stop of the 2017 PKA tour in Boracay, Philippines.

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World Title At Snow Kite Champs 2017

Artem Garashchenko takes his 3rd Snow Kite World Championship title after a dream set on home soil.

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.4 #Lasse

In pt 4. of ‘Pre-Game Talk’ we're joined by hotshot Lasse Walker. A major contender for the podium at the King Of The Air, his drive and motivation for success is boss. Expect to see great things!

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.2 #Lewis

In pt 2. of ‘Pre-Game Talk’ we catch up with team rider Lewis Crathern as he prepares both mentally and physically for the Red Bull King Of The Air.

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'Melancholy (in cursive)'

"Filming for this project has been the toughest of all the films.—Noè Font

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Are you the next King of the air?

Wildcard entries are now open for Red Bull King of the Air 2017. Do you have what it takes to challenge the likes of Hadlow, Richman and Langaree?

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Vegas 2017 an insight view from designer Ralf Grösel

The Vegas! Still maintaining its position as the most sold C-kite on the market, it proved itself once again by taking its second Red Bull King Of The Air title at the hands of Aaron Hadlow.

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Paula takes 2nd in Cabarete and talks WKL

Hear about the competition, conditions, Caribbean lifestyle and the inside scoop on the new World Kiteboarding League.

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'Without A Jersey' Cape Town

Last month, Stefan Spiessberger released the Cape Town episode to his 'Without A Jersey' video series. A stylish edit with great riding, we fired him a couple of questions about what keeps him going back to Cape Town.

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Manuela explores Peru.

For some, Peru may be known as the bubbling core of South American culture and traditions. For others it represents an endless coastline of pulsing swells with constant winds & Manuela was there to see it in all its glory!

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5 team riders make the cut for 2016 King Of The Air!

Congratulations to Aaron Hadlow, Reno Romeu, Tom Hebert, Antoine Clerc and Lasse Walker for making it into the Red Bull King Of The Air 2016!

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How to make a Kiteboarding movie

Team rider Craig Cunningham paired up with fellow Canadian Sam Medysky for their latest video, 'How to make a Kiteboarding movie'.

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"Where the wind blows."

Colleen Carroll is the main feature in the first episode of a five part series called 'Where the Wind Blows.' Set in Hood River, Oregon she talks travel and inspiration, whilst showcasing her impressive rail riding and freestyle skills.

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Lasse Walker Joins The Team

Our network of Team Riders at North Kiteboarding is a fundamental part of what we represent. A group of people full of talent and charisma, each member brings something unique to the table. And as the sport of kiteboarding continues to grow, so does our brand, and our Team. So, we're excited to reveal that Lasse Walker is the latest edition to our 'Dream Team' at North Kiteboarding International. Welcome and Congratulations!

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2016 Vegas Smashes Rider's Expectations

We catch up with Reno, Stefan and Colleen to find out what they think of the new 2016 Vegas, how they like to set it up, and get the inside scoop on what sounded like the trip of a lifetime to film the latest North episode, 'Beyond.'

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Notes on the 2016 Vegas by Ralf Grösel

The Vegas is the second most longstanding Kite in the North Kiteboarding range - after the Rebel - for several reasons. Its pure C feel, combined with the comfort of any modern Kites is just the start, and we're sure World Cup rider's like Paula Novotna, Stefan Spiessberger, Reno Romeu and Aaron Hadlow, as well as ambitious freestylers would agree.

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Hadlow 3rd VKWC Venezuela

The Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) - previously the PKRA - headed to Isla Coche, Venezuela for the 2nd stop on the tour.

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Post a review for the Vegas

Post a review and get the chance to win a new Vegas.

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Vegas 2015 by Aaron Hadlow and Ralf Gröse

The Vegas is obviously a completely new kite, how could an icon like the Vegas be redesigned from scratch!?

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The Hadlow Setup by Aaron Hadlow

The Hadlow set up is very personal to me, it started out as a sketch in my notebook many years ago, I was trying to give the kite support without loosing any performance.

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