Behind The Design - Speedster Combo

With zero compromise on design and performance, who better to give us the core facts than the designer of this magic piece of kit.

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2018 Neo Review From Maui

Who better to tell us about the 2018 Neo than Sky Solbach and Patri McLaughlin. After all, they're our die-hard wave riders from Maui.

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Behind The Design - 2018 Neo.

The Neo has been a huge hit amongst the wave riding crew and the 2018 model is no exception. Ken Winner tells us more about this champion design. 

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Behind the design - 2018 Rebel.

Designer Ken Winner pops the hood on the legendary Rebel, that for 2018 takes on exciting new features and in-flight characteristics.

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Neo 2017 - An inside view from Kite Designer Ken Winner

This year the Neo is full of spirit and ready to unify you with the elements.

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Mono - An inside view with Ken Winner

Flying a kite has never been so easy. Only one strut, brilliant low end and super easy to steer - that's the Mono. Find out together with Ken Winner what else the Mono has to offer!

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An insight into the 2016 NEO by Ken Winner

Ken Winner is the visionary, drive and innovation behind two of the most pinnacle kite models within the North Kiteboarding range.

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2016 Rebel by Ken Winner

We caught up with Ken Winner to find out more about the brandnew 2016 Rebel and its major changes for 2016. Read the whole interview here.

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Testing is where the magic happens

At North Kiteboarding, we have an array of specialists that make up a Team responsible for the creation and evolution of our innovative and high quality products.

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The new Rebel – the designers point of view, By Ken Winner

The Rebel remains a 5-line kite, of course, all for all the usual reasons:

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