Artem crowned king of the snow

Artem wins the Snow Kite Masters and is crowned Snow Kite World Champ again. We catch up with him following his impressive performance.

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Behind The Design - 2018 Mono

Ken Winner talks us through the new 2018 Mono. A simple, minimal design with an excellent ability to stay in the air no matter how light the wind.

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Official Countdown! Red Bull King of the Air

The conditions have lined up and the event's been called! Team riders Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern, Lasse Walker, Reno Romeu and Tom Bridge are ready for a showdown.

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New ION Club Experience Events

It’s a New Year! And if like us you’re busy making epic plans for trips and adventures, then why not check out the latest from ION Club.

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Pure Cocos

Follow adventure seekers Tom Hebert and Reno Romeu to the end of then earth as they discover Cocos Island.

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Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton

Colleen Carroll, Aaron Hadlow, Steph and Tom Bridge tell us about Australia's favourite kiteboard race. 19km and mass participation, it's always going to be fun!

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2018 Evo Rider Review

The all-inclusive Evo is a favourite amongst some of our Team Riders who hand-pick it as an essential part of their quiver. Big Air, Freestyle, Freeride and Foil fanatics Tom Hebert and Reno Romeu share their stoke on the new 2018 Evo.

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Speedster Combo Rider Review

Read what our Team Riders have to say about the most anticipated Foil for 2018. Introducing the new Speedster Combo, available to you NOW!

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Tom's Kitchen - Ep 6

On the menu this episode is the 2018 Evo, Click Bar and Jaime - his favourite setup - and a lot of wind. Bon appetit!

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Welcome to the team Artem!

The 23 yr old Russian joins the list of some of the industry’s best, and we look forward to seeing what he brings to the table. Introducing Artem..

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Our girls wrap up the KPL.

Top riders Colleen Carroll and Manuela Jungo give us a round up of the 2nd, highly successful season of the Kite Park League World Tour.

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Half-Time Hustle

The WKL '17 World Tour is well underway and boy we’ve enjoyed the action so far! We catch up with Stef and Paula for some half-time hustle.

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'Island Life'. Ep 2. Jeremie Tronet

In episode 2 of his 'Island Life' YouTube series, Jeremie Tronet shows what a typical day on Union Island looks like; it looks like paradise.

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'Island Life'. Ep 1. Jeremie Tronet

Jeremie shares the 1st instalment of his 'Island Life' YouTube series; introducing Union Island, a Caribbean island he calls home.

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Big Up Airton!

Following the flurry of excitement in Mauritius we touch base with newly crowned champion Airton, as well as runner-up Matchu, and Sebastian to get the down low.

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2018 Neo Review From Maui

Who better to tell us about the 2018 Neo than Sky Solbach and Patri McLaughlin. After all, they're our die-hard wave riders from Maui.

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Behind The Design - 2018 Neo.

The Neo has been a huge hit amongst the wave riding crew and the 2018 model is no exception. Ken Winner tells us more about this champion design. 

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The Director's Chair - The Bubble

‘The Bubble’ movie is about to hit our screens and we've got an exclusive, straight from the Director’s chair! Take it away Noé...

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Aaron Hadlow talks 'The Bubble'

"The Bubble’ is aimed at kiters, is a quality production, something with a cool style, mainly a bit different and very watchable." - Hadlow

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Girls Kite Camp LOVE2KITE

From the 21st-28th October LOVE2KITE will be hosting its 3rd all-girls Kite Camp at Dakhla Spirit, Morocco. Don't miss out!

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Tom Court reviews Dice 2018

Tom Court shares his thoughts on the new Dice, why it's his kite of choice and what makes it a true all-round performer.

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Lewis Shakes It Up In Squamish

Lewis hits Squamish for the KiteClash and talks about the diversification of his quiver as he drifts towards Big Air and Racing; think Rebel, Select, Jamie Textreme...

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2018 Rebel Review

Heads up Rebel fans! Jeremie Tronet reviews the new 2018 model in the Grenadines. See it in action and hear about all the design updates.

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'True Blue Greece' Stefan Spiessberger

Following the release of 'True Blue Greece' Stef tells us about the evolution of his riding, keeping kiteboarding fresh and his gear.

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Behind the design - 2018 Rebel.

Designer Ken Winner pops the hood on the legendary Rebel, that for 2018 takes on exciting new features and in-flight characteristics.

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Hoek tot Helder

Team rider Lasse Walker will be participating in the epic Hoek tot Helder downwinder in support of the Dutch Heart Foundation.

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Youth Olympic Discipline in Italy

Team Bridge embrace the new twin-tip slalom format set to be used at the Youth Olympics Games in Argentina next year.

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New found love for the Nugget.

Lewis Crathern is a mega looping machine known for his no holds barred approach to the sport, but he's found new passion in the Nugget Surfboard.

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Tarifa Strapless Pro Win for Airton

Exclusive interview with Tarifa Strapless Pro winner Airton Cozzolino and runner up Matchu Lopes following an epic event in Tarifa.

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Girls Kite Camp by Love2Kite.

From the 21st-25th July 2017, Team Rider Francesca Bagnoli and Co-Founder of Love2Kite Agata Dobrzynska, will be doing their 2nd edition of an all-female kiteboarding camp in Sicily.

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The reality of a 'Bubble' - Noe Font

In one of the most honest interviews we’ve had for a long time, Noe Font gives an in-depth behind the scenes insight into how creating ‘The Bubble' has shaped him and his year.

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Experience Kiteboarding IRON MAN with Paula Novotna

Join Pro Rider Paula Novotna and Surfing Sem Fin for a magical 600km downwinder in Brazil. 8 days and 7 nights it will be epic!

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The 2017 SPORNADO Hood Jam!

The much anticipated Hood Jam will take to the Slider Project park in Hood River, Oregon, July 22 - 28th.

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Jaime Exclusive - Tarifa Strapless Pro

Kiteboarding legend Jaime Herraiz talks about the evolution of the sport, what's exciting about Strapless riding and why the Tarifa Strapless Pro is doing things differently.

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'Dreamcatcher' Francesca Bagnoli

'Dreamcatcher' showcases how persistence, dedication and passion can make your dreams come true, and that the only limits you have are the ones you set yourself.

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Choose The Right Kite - Jeremie Tronet

Fast becoming a bit of a gear guru, Jeremie Tronet's latest video will help you to decide which kite from our range is the one for you! Read what he has to say...

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Keep your cool - Colleen Carroll

The Triple-S Invitational is known for fun, jam sessions and hot competition. So how does one access that on/off switch, and how do you stay motivated even if things aren’t going as expected?

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Meet Issy, the Wildcard!

For the 2017 Triple-S Invitational event, Issy von Zastrow impressed the official judging panel with a slick edit worthy of that last spot in the fierce women's division.

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Let the Triple-S countdown begin

The Kings and Queens of wakestyle and park riding descend upon the world renowned REAL Watersports, for the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. Watch the event trailer and read what to expect!

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Craig Cunningham - The Bubble

Craig’s candid interview reveals the magic, the struggles and triumphs during the creation of The Bubble. Hold on to your pants and get your popcorn ready cause it’s just around the corner!

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Court's Council - 2017 Surfboards

Sky Solbach sheds some light on what goes into designing some of this year's epic surf line shapes.

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Paula Novotna revels in the Ragnarok

"The hills were covered in snow and with the view of 350 kiters, it was like a winter wonderland." Paula Novotna hits the Red Bull Ragnarok for her first snow kiting experience

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News From The Bubble

If you’ve been wondering what Aaron, Craig, Noe, Colleen, Stefan and friends have been up to for the last 6 months you’re not alone, we've got news from The Bubble.

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Tom Court for Giorgio Armani

Tom Court films and stars in the first episode of an original series for Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò.

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A smash-hit in Sardinia. Tom Bridge

2016 has been a bit of a transitional year for youngest team member Tom Bridge. Read about his road to recovery and smashing success in Sardinia.

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The Click Bar is here! The Gamechanger

Yes, you heard it right...The Click Bar is here! it's The Gamechanger.

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Introducing the new ION Club!

21 Club Mistral Centres in 12 destinations have been revamped and rebranded with their new name “ION CLUB Home Of Surfing Elements" - bringing sport, shop and gastronomy together.

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