2018 Vegas review - It's Major!

Aaron Hadlow and Craig Cunningham go deep into the design and performance features of the new 2018 Vegas. Switching between freestyle, big air and park riding, it's versatile, direct and solid all-round.

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10 years in the making and the most sold C-kite, designer Ralf Grösel spills the beans on the new 2018 Vegas; built for Wakestyle and kings of the air!

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Choose The Right Kite - Jeremie Tronet

Fast becoming a bit of a gear guru, Jeremie Tronet's latest video will help you to decide which kite from our range is the one for you! Read what he has to say...

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Italian duo join the Team!

This month we welcome Francesca Bagnoli and Gianmaria Coccoluto to the North Kiteboarding family. We catch up with Italian riders to find out a bit more about them.

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World Title At Snow Kite Champs 2017

Artem Garashchenko takes his 3rd Snow Kite World Championship title after a dream set on home soil.

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My year on the KPL - Noé Font.

With the 2017 KPL season just about to get underway, Noé Font gives us the down-low on last year's success and what we can expect for the coming year.

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.3 #Reno

Joining us in pt.3 of 'Pre-Game Talk' is laid back Brazilian, Reno Romeu. Read how he prepares both mentally and physically for the King Of The Air '17!

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.1 #Hadlow

Welcome to Pre-Game Talk, a blog series that follows our riders as they prepare both mentally and physically for King Of The Air '17!

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'Pieces Of New York' Stefan Spiessberger.

Stefan Spiessberger's latest video takes him to the streets of the concrete jungle - NYC - and session in front of the Statue of Liberty.

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Ready for a comeback!

Lasse Walker was set back last year during the Red Bull King Of The Air 2016, but it seems that his recovery has paved the way for a comeback.

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Influence - Tom Court

"Our motivation is that we can have a creative influence on the equipment that we are riding today." Check out Tom Court's latest video clip INFLUENCE, feat Aaron Hadlow, Noe Font, Craig Cunningham and Colleen Carroll.

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Colleen Carroll crowned Queen

Having been voted top female kiteboarder at AWSI awards, read what our girl Colleen had to say on winning, respecting other riders, her year, gear and projects in the future.

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The 2017 Vegas is here!

Coming in hot to the 2017 North Kiteboarding range is the Vegas, the Kite of champions! A pure Wakestyle / Freestyle Kite with outstanding mega loop performance there's no task too big for this bad boy.

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That's a wrap! Without A Jersey

Rounding up his 'Without a Jersey' video series, we speak to Stefan to hear about the different locations, filming process and gear he used.

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'Welcome To The Other Side'

Noe Font and Jerome Cloetens are two of our young and influential Team Riders who use Kiteboarding to see different places. Following the release of their latest video 'Welcome to the other side' they speak about what inspired them and this project.

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'Without A Jersey' Cape Town

Last month, Stefan Spiessberger released the Cape Town episode to his 'Without A Jersey' video series. A stylish edit with great riding, we fired him a couple of questions about what keeps him going back to Cape Town.

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'Regenerated.' Noe Font

"Regenerated' is based around the idea of my new beginning together with North Kiteboarding, and inspired by the quote 'the end is the beginning of all great things.'

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TRIO Cayman Islands - Jerome Cloetens

The first great thing about the location was that it was windy every day. The second thing was the organisation. Although it was an Open event, it was definitely on the same level as a World Tour or other big events.

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It was the biggest showdown in kiteboarding history as three already crowned champions battled it out to be crowned the King Of The Air 2016, yet it was Aaron’s variation that won him the title.

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Welcome to the team Lewis Crathern

Lewis is one of the most committed kiteboarders there is, playing a fundamental part in the growth of the sport both in the UK and International scene

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'That time of year.' - by Tom Court

Find out what Tom Court has to say about his latest video 'That time of year,' where he, Aaron Hadlow, Jerome Cloetens & Noe Font get together to ride in Brazil.

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Hadlow reigns supreme!

Aaron Hadlow takes 2015 Overall Men's World Champion title, demonstrating why he is such an established and well respected rider. Congratulations!

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Without A Jersey- Barra Nova

We caught up with Stefan to find out what went into the making of 'Without a Jersey - Barra Nova,' his new found passion for freeriding and the key to saving your knees.

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Alaskan Adventures Pt 2 - Gianni Aragno.

Gianni heads to the Alaskan mountains for some snowkiting. -28Cº, a tree house, and riding at nightfall all make for an adventure of a lifetime.

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How to make a Kiteboarding movie

Team rider Craig Cunningham paired up with fellow Canadian Sam Medysky for their latest video, 'How to make a Kiteboarding movie'.

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Christian Tio. The determined competitor.

From talented Grom to a full-on dedicated shredder, Christian Tio is currently Asia's top Kiteboarder. Hungry for success his dream is to become World Champion, and with so much competition experience gained throughout his childhood, we have high hopes for this determined competitor.

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The Future Is Now.

You might not have heard the name Jerome Cloetens in the past, but now it's time to pay attention. As a 'grom,' his passion for Kiteboarding was nurtured through nature's oceanic playground which is the iconic location of Tarifa, along with Kiteboarding legend Jaime Herraiz

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2016 Vegas Smashes Rider's Expectations

We catch up with Reno, Stefan and Colleen to find out what they think of the new 2016 Vegas, how they like to set it up, and get the inside scoop on what sounded like the trip of a lifetime to film the latest North episode, 'Beyond.'

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Victory in St Peter Ording for Hadlow

St. Peter Ording delivered outstanding conditions over the entire 10 days of the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup. The global kitesurfing elite gathered together, and the result was victorious for Hadlow.

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Getting a ORTEMA Knee Brace made

I have been riding with a knee brace now for over two years to prevent further injuries and put my mind at rest when I am taking those hard landings.

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Every kiteboarder remembers the time when they first experienced KITEBOARDING...

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Post a review for the Vegas

Post a review and get the chance to win a new Vegas.

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Aaron Hadlow - InFORM

If the high heels were just a little too much, or perhaps not enough yesterday, why not take a couple of minutes out of your day to watch the master at work!

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Can't stop won't stop!!

Check out the brand new episode from North Kiteboarding! Can't stop the pop, won't stop the riding.

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Vegas 2015 by Aaron Hadlow and Ralf Gröse

The Vegas is obviously a completely new kite, how could an icon like the Vegas be redesigned from scratch!?

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The Hadlow Setup by Aaron Hadlow

The Hadlow set up is very personal to me, it started out as a sketch in my notebook many years ago, I was trying to give the kite support without loosing any performance.

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